Labette Bank Southeast Kansas Athletes of the Month: Colgan girls’ golf wins third straight title

Colgan girls’ golf completed an historically dominant season.


The Colgan girls’ golf team completed a dominant season with its third straight 3-2-1A state title. Colgan shot a 660 over two days last week at Carey Park in Hutchinson. Colgan defeated Colby by 57 shots. Caney Valley was third at 769, and Hoisington fourth with 773.

Colgan’s score would have taken sixth in 6A, second in 5A, and would have won 4A by 14 shots.

Colgan also had easily the best score in 3-2-1A history since state golf went to the two-day format in 2019. It also set another team record.

Colgan rolled through its season. The Panthers and Colby were considered the top-two squads all fall. Colby won every tournament until state. Colgan shot a 338 and 322 in the two state days. Both were at least 18 shots better than any other squad during the two days.

Colgan and Colby finished 1-2 each of the last three years.

Head coach Kim Scripsick and assistant Jeff Wilbert had a varsity team with four seniors: Audrey Goetting, Greta Ison, Ali Scripsick, and two sophomores: Ava Scripsick and Molly Swezey.

Ali Scripsick shot a 154 and finished in second place. Wichita Collegiate sophomore Margaret Ulrich, who opened with a 69, shot a 146. Scripsick was two shots better than Colby junior Anna Starbuck, a former state champion.

Ison finished fourth with a 165. Ava Scripsick was fifth with a 168. Goetting shot a 176 for seventh. Swezey tallied a 187. Smith had a 193.

In 2021, Colgan shot a 705. That year, Ulrich won with Starbuck second, and Ali Scripsick third. Ison took sixth, Swezey tied for eighth and Goetting finished 11th. Ava Scripsick was 20th.

In 2020, Colgan shot a 713 with Colby’s Starbuck first, Ali Scripsick third, and Ison fifth.

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