Returning KVA All-State Volleyball Players

Lauren Schutter of Wabaunsee is looking for a big senior year and has committed to Illinois State. (photo: Chet Kuplen)

Players below listed by class of returnees that were all-state selections from the Kansas Volleyball Association in their classification last season. KSHSAA enrollments are not yet out so classifications could change for some schools but classes listed below are what class the team was last season. All-State lists from KVA last season, also listed – click here

Returning All-State Players from the KVA


Cegan Atkins, Hanover โ€“ OH

Avery Behrends, Hanover โ€“ S

Madison Bruna, Hanover โ€“ MB

Mia Morrow, St. Francis โ€“ OH

Livia Schultz, Wheatland Grinnell โ€“ OH

Anna Godek, Wheatland Grinnell โ€“ S

Tamara Loxoya, Attica, S/OH/MB

Kassie Miller, Golden Plains, S/OH

Kyrah Peters, Linn โ€“ OH

Samatha Ramsey, Central Christian – OH

Josie Weers, Southern Coffey Co. โ€“ OH/MB

Allison Jueneman, Hanover, – OH


Kassidy Nixon, Central Plains โ€“ MB/S

Avery Deters, Centralia – OH

Brooklyn Jones, Lebo โ€“ OH/MB

Darby Smith, St. John โ€“ MB

Kassi Weber, Victoria โ€“ OH

Presli Harris, Skyline โ€“ MB

Paxton Meyer, St. John โ€“ S

Daelyn Winters, Burlingame โ€“ S/OH

Aubrey Young, Pretty Prairie โ€“ S/OH

Kady Anshutz, Skyline _S

Lily Boughfman, Little River โ€“ OH

Kaleigh Guhr , Goessell โ€“ S

Addi Heinson โ€“ Kiowa County โ€“ OH

Brooke Lewis โ€“ Burlingame โ€“ Sr.


Tallon Rentschler, Smith Center โ€“ MB

Lauren Schutter, Wabaunsee โ€“ MB

Ashlyn Long, Smith Center โ€“ OH

Rachel Van Gorp, Heritage Christian โ€“ OH

Cy Rae Campbell , Heritage Christian โ€“ MB

Brooke Hammond, Garden Plain โ€“ OH

Sammie Saunders, Hillsboro โ€“ OH


Abby Rose, Smoky Valley โ€“ MB

Heather Schemper, Phillipsburg โ€“ MB/S

Kassidi Yost, TMP โ€“ S

Addy Holthaus, Nemah Central โ€“ OH

Emily Krebs, Sabetha โ€“ S

Emilee Lane, TMP โ€“ OH

Brookelyn Wewe, Cheney โ€“ S

Mackenzie Travis, Beloit โ€“ S/OPP

Jacy Thomasson, Riverton โ€“ MB


McKenzie Fairchild, Andale โ€“ MB

Rhian Swanson, McPherson โ€“ OH

Anna Beth Baalmann, Andale โ€“ S/OPP

Kirsten Evans, Ottawa โ€“ S

Corinna McMullen, Louisburg โ€“ S/OH

Maddie Schrandt, Andale โ€“ OH

Brett Doile, McPherson โ€“ S

Ava Jones, Nickerson โ€“ MB


Ava Martin, Aquinas โ€“ OH

Olivia Mae Van Der Werff, Lansing โ€“ OH

Caitlin Bishop, Lansing โ€“ S

Kamryn Farris, Lansing โ€“ L

Betsy Goodenow, Aquinas โ€“ RS

Iyannah Jackson, Lansing โ€“ MB

Ava Spachek, St. James โ€“ OH


Morgan Colangelo, BV West โ€“ L

Brooklyn DeLeye, Washburn Rural โ€“ OH

Skyler Pierce, Olathe Northwest โ€“ OH

Taylor Stockman, BV West โ€“ RS

Julie Headley, Olathe Northwest โ€“ MB

Jillian Huckabey, Olathe Northwest โ€“ OH

Brooke Leiker, BV West โ€“ OH

Taylor Russell, Washburn Rural โ€“ RS

Sawyer Thomsen, Free State โ€“ MB

Zoe Canfield, Washburn Rural โ€“ S/RS

Jasmine Dulan, Blue Valley North โ€“ OH

Vivian Kiefer, SM Northwest โ€“ L

Emily Slightom, Olathe Northwest โ€“ L

Rylee Unrush, Free State S

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