Sports in Kansas: 2019 5A All-Senior All-State Team

Input from media members and a media panel across the state helped finalize this team finalized by Chet Kuplen of Sports in Kansas.  This is not a recruiting list it’s based off the 2019 high school football season in Kansas only. Players on this list are also eligible for the Sports in Kansas Top 100 Seniors that will be released on Monday 12/9. Players have to be a senior to be on the list, our Non-Senior Team will be out on Monday 12/9.

ATTENTION: All Players on list (first team or hon mention) are elgible for all-state patch for letter jacket, we are the only place with our logo on them: email Chet Kuplen at [email protected] to order. 

Sports in Kansas 5A All-Senior All-State Team


QB- Reagan Jones, Wichita Northwest (POY CAPSULE)

RB- Tyler Green, Mill Valley

RB- Caden Cox, Maize

RB- Hayden Brown, Hays

OL- Javon Wheeler, Wichita Northwest

OL- Max Kalny, St. James

OL- Hayden Pauls, Emporia

OL- Christian Mozingo, Aquinas

OL- Cody Fayette, Maize South

OL- Kyle Kelly, Mill Valley

WR- Preven Christon, Maize

WR- Alex Schremmer, Great Bend

WR- Ty Garrett, Salina South

TE/FB- Quinton Stewart, Salina Central

ATH- Syris Dunlap, Liberal  

RET- Zion Jones, Wichita Northwest

K- Dominik Stadlman, BV Southwest


DL- Keaton Robertson, Maize

DL- Phoenix Smith, Bishop Carroll

DL- Paul Lee, St. James

DL- Riley Wagner, Emporia

LB- Cade Lautt, St. James

LB- Luke Barger, De Soto

LB- Jack Wiens, Wichita NW

LB- Michael McNamara, Aquinas

DB- Tywan Muturi, KC Washington

DB- Trevion Michell, Maize South

DB- Korden Harris, Aquinas

DB- Dalton Miller, Great Bend

ATH- Chance Omli, Goddard Eisenhower

P- Jon Jenkins, Olathe West

5A Seniors All-State Honorable Mention:(ORDER SIK SENIOR PATCH HERE)

Caylen Lowery –  Wichita Heights, Justin Powell – Carroll, Mano Ngenzirabonoa, Schlagle, Jaylin Richardson – Schlagle, Ethan McMillan – Carroll, Colby Hudspeth – Carrol, Jairu Kennedy  – Kapaun, Skylar Hampton – Carroll, Jarius Kennedy – Kapaun, Jacob Amy – Wichita Northwest, Chance Eastlick – Wichita Heights, Carlos Martinez – Bishop Carroll, Joseph Korte – Bishop Carroll, Charlie Frisch – Kapaun, Dalton Nichols – Carroll, Jamar Martin – Wichita Northwest, Houston Griffits – Salina Central, Daelan McKnight – Salina Central, Gage Prester – Salina Central, Eric Rincon – Salina South, Jackson Kavanagh – Salina Central, Shane Watts – De Soto, Connor Delong – Olathe West, Jackson Novacek – Olathe West, Tommy Carroll – Aquinas Camden Jurgenson – Maize, Dwayne Villalpando – Maize, Talus Price – Salina Central, Payton Henry – Andover, Mason Edwards – Maize South, Jerod Payne – Valley Center, Parker Wenzel – Eisenhower, Zac Saville – Maize South, Calvin Benefiel – Maize South, Mason Turney – Eisenhower, Isaiah Maikori – Andover, , Harper Jonas – Andover, Braden Pfeifer – Maize South, Justice Morris – Maize South, Tony Caldwell – Valley Center, Tysac Noland – Maize South, Reid Holthaus – Shawnee Heights, Reece Williams – Leavenworth, Drayton Foster – Seaman, Brock Brown – Lansing, Jamie Arenivas – Liberal, Carter TOs – Maize South, Jarrod Payne – Valey Center, Paul Lee-  St. James, Logan Newsom – DeSoto, Jonah Reynolds – De Soto, DeAndre Durall – Topeka West, Max Bullinger – Carroll, Reece Williams – Leavenworth, Michael McNamara – Aquinas, Alan Miramontes – Great Bend, Barret Lutt – Great Bend, Dominic Jacobs – KC Washington, Beau Baumgardner – Emporia, Jake Holton – St. James, Gage Fritz – Great Bend, Jarius Kennedy – Kapaun, Thomas Anderson – KC Washington, Davion Gardenhire – Shawnee Heights, Andrew Hanlin – Maize, Michael Tujague – St. James, Dallas Williams – De Soto, Timrance Adams – Shawnee Heights, Alex Olivas – Great Bend, Andrew Wendling – Emporia, Mono Ngenzirabona – Schlagle, Colby Hudspeth – Carroll, Jon Jenkins – Olathe West, Ethan Wiens – Maize South, Tommy Zimmerman – BV Southwest, Paul Lee – St. James, Dionte Brown – Aquinas, Bobby Pierce – Aquinas, Jack McGuire – Mill Valley, Justin Sanders – Mill Valley, Scott Mason – Mill Valley, Christopher Kendal – Mill Valley, Grant Frost – Mill Valley, Carson Caldwell  Mill Valley, Adrien Blazer – Mill Valley, Kevin Charlston – St. James, Max Charlton – St. James, Brady Feldman – – St. James, Beau Grable – St. James, Jack Moellers – St. James, Isaiah Gavin – Aquinas, Terrance Collins – Aquinas, Henry  Lee – Aquinas, Charlie McCormick – Aquinas, Charlie Weinrich – Aquinas, Finn Barnett – Aquinas, Tom Downey – Aquinas, Tommy Zimmerman – BVSW, Peyton Duvall – Great Bend, Alex Olivas – Great Bend, Johnny Castanon – Emporia, John Miller – Emporia, Dominic Lee – Sumner, Luke Schneider – Lansing, Jamar Martin – Wichita Northwest, Caden Holle- Valley Center, Garrett Demsey – Heights, Kamren Xaysongkham – Salian South, Dylan Wells – Topeka West, Malcom Bell – Wichita NW, Jordan Scruggs- Schlagle, Dallas Williams – De Soto

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