Sports in Kansas 2021 8M-I All-State Football

Sports in Kansas has released its 2021 all-state football team. Voting is done by media members across the state of Kansas and finalized by Chet Kuplen & Conor Nicholl of Sports in Kansas.

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Congrats to all of the players honored.

Sports in Kansas 8M-I All-State โ€“ 2021 First Team Offense

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First Team All-State 8M-I – Sports in Kansas

QB- Garrett Maltbie, Canton-Galva, Jr.

RB- Korben Clawson, Meade, Sr.

RB- Colby Stull, La Crosse, Sr.

RB- James Kreigh, Trego, Jr.

E- Tyson Struber, Canton-Galva, Sr.

E- Dameion Hatten, Sedan, Sr.

E- Derek Keith, Hill City, Sr.

OL- Cullen Lumry, Meade, Sr.

OL- Kyle Bruce, Little River, Sr.

OL- Kaden Schafer, Little River, Sr.

ATH- Brec Long, Sedan, Sr.

ATH- Torren Haynes, Meade, Sr.

K- Aiden Amrein, Hill City, Sr.

First Team All-State Defense – Sports in Kansas 2021 8M-I

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DL- Casey Helm, Madison, Sr.

DL- Trever Quaney, Burlingame Sr.

DL- Donavan Balluch, Hoxie, Sr.

DL- Seth LeClair, Clifton Clyde, Jr.

LB- Conner Dinkel, Hill City, Jr.

LB- Mitch Budke, Chase County, Jr.

LB- Drew Stutseman, Madison, Sr.

DB- Maison Slater, Clifton Clyde, Sr.

DB- Ashton Dowell, Hoxie, Sr.

ATH- Braxton Lafferty, Little River, Jr.

ATH- Brayden Norris, Meade, Jr.

ATH- Brady Deges, South Gray, Sr.

ATH – Bryson Turner, Madison, Jr.

RET- Braden Young, Little River, Jr.  

P- Jacob Bauman, Fairfield, Sr.

Sports in Kansas 2021 8M-I All-State Honorable Mention

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Conner Harnden โ€“ A&A, Jaedon Granere โ€“ Marmaton Valley, Brady Jones-  Hoxie, TJ Koehn โ€“ Canton-Galva, Cason Mastre โ€“ Canton Galva, Gunner Wilson โ€“ Trego, Grayden Stapleton โ€“ Meade, Solomon Drinkard โ€“ Valley Falls, Brody Papay โ€“ Meade, Brady Robbins โ€“ A&A, Colter McDaniel โ€“ A&A, Gavin Francis โ€“ Chase County, Gustavo Portillo โ€“ Macksille, Harlem Miller- Medicine Lodge, Caleb Ward โ€“ Moundridge, Brock Griffin โ€“ Chase County, Braden Young โ€“ Little River, Kaleb Atkins โ€“ Hill City, Erhik Hermosillo โ€“ Wichita County, Cal Kohlmeier โ€“ Chase County, Rylan Konen โ€“ Little River, Jaden Raccasgno โ€“ Bennington,  Jake Wiens โ€“ Goessel, Creyo Koop โ€“ West Elk, Colby Middleton โ€“ Burlingame, Rojelio Ibarra-  Macksville, Conner Dinkel โ€“ Hill City, Brayden Berens โ€“ Skyline, Jenson Harness โ€“ Udall, Carter Jantz- South Gray, Grant Stephens โ€“ Little IVer, Jayston Rice โ€“ Yates Center, Jose Arvelo โ€“ Burlingame, Kenneth Micek โ€“ Atwood, Caleb Dotterer โ€“ Lincoln, Treng Long โ€“ Clifton Clyde, Devyn Braun โ€“ La Crosse, Owen Day โ€“ Trego, Cauy Scripsick โ€“ Medicine Lodge, Jace Wunderlich โ€“ Central Burden, Ryan Kuckelman โ€“ Macksville,  Brock Keith โ€“ Meade,, Lance Noonan โ€“ Burlingame, Levi Taylor โ€“ Kinsley, Zach Volden โ€“ Meade, Blake Audiss โ€“ Yates Center, Theron Wedel โ€“ Medicine Lodge, Zavier Hernandez- Wichita Co., Cooper Clark โ€“ Doniphan West, Cooper Barriger โ€“ La Crosse, Easton Long โ€“ Sedan, Bobby Quaney โ€“ Burlingame, Wesley Young โ€“ West Elk, Coy Stamm โ€“ Washington County, Kaden Sekavec- Hoxie, Cael Sorum โ€“ Flinthills, Eathan Long โ€“ Sedan, Tysen Schmitt โ€“ Kinsely, Nathaniel Tice โ€“ Washington County, Matthew Hafiger โ€“ Trego, Kevin Heineken โ€“ Madison, Carter Holloway โ€“ Little River, Xavier Hernandez โ€“ Wichita County, Dylan Haselhorst โ€“ Kinsley, Caiden Duerksen โ€“ Goessel, Peyton Rush โ€“ Oxford, Charlie Russell โ€“ Trego, Zach Volden โ€“ Meade, Kaden Sekavec โ€“ Hoxie, Mason McCoy โ€“ Atwood, Jesse Blumer โ€“ Oswego, Kolton Bennett โ€“ Spearville, Jesus Casas โ€“ Skyhline, Brayden Bergkamp โ€“ Hodgmean County, Cole Feldt โ€“ Trego, Kris Hovestadt โ€“ Burlingame, Sean Hurst โ€“ Yates Center, Ayden Campbell โ€“ Hoxie, Jace Landes โ€“ Oswego, Tristan Porter โ€“ Wichita County, Trent Spiker โ€“ Doniphan West, Jett Skocny _Clifton Clyde, Chance Winter โ€“ Medicine Lodge, Torren Haynes โ€“ Meade, Reece Grafel โ€“ Oberlin, Kase Ptacek โ€“ Moundridge, Xander Newberry โ€“ A&A, Andrew Zeller โ€“ Burlingame, Dylan Hynes โ€“ Solomon, Tee Koch โ€“ Clifton Clyde, Burlingame, Deagan Adrews โ€“ LaCrosse, Adam Blanchat โ€“ A&A, Donovan Balluch โ€“ Hoxie, Ian Davis โ€“ South Gray, Cade Gourley โ€“ Hoxie, Skyler Wuest โ€“ Goessel, Quincy Adams โ€“ Marmaton Valley, Jacob Bauman- Fairifle,d Tony Brogan -Central Burden, Ayden Nickelson โ€“ Hill City, Braydon Patterson โ€“ Hodgeman County, Tanner Sells โ€“ Trego, Isaiah Smilko โ€“ Sedan, Cashten Cummings โ€“ Yates Center, Cooper Marshall โ€“ Ness City, Ian Davis โ€“ South Gray, Brandon Chvatal โ€“ Rawlins County, Mason McCoy โ€“ Rawlins County, Josh Popp โ€“ Rawlins Co., Drew Withington โ€“ Rawlins Co., Theron Wedel โ€“ Medicine Lodge, Garrett Toon โ€“ West Elk, , Daiden Duereksen โ€“ Goessel, Carter Holloway โ€“ Little River, Luke Hudson โ€“ Centre, Dylan Hynes โ€“ Solomon Casen Marshall โ€“ Ness City,

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