Sports in Kansas 2022 6A All-State Football Team

Keenan Schartz & Joe Schartz of Manhattan

Sports in Kansas has released its 2022 all-state football team. Voting is done by media members across the state of Kansas and finalized by Sports in Kansas staff & Chet Kuplen of Sports in Kansas.

ATTENTION PARENTS/ATHLETES: Order your all-state patch or honorable mention patch now at [email protected], we will also have a Top 100 Seniors, Non-Senior team out later this week. We also have stat leader patches. Patches can be ordered only at [email protected] We also plan on having all-state t-shirts/hoodies that will be available very soon. Check back by email for the link to order.

The 2022 all-state teams are powered by Mammoth Sports Construction, Nex-Tech Wireless, SAFE, and Watco. Congrats to all of the players honored.

Sports in Kansas 6A All-State Football – 2022

First Team Offense – Parents/Athletes: Order patch at [email protected]

QB- Keenan Schartz, Manhattan, Sr.

QB- Daeonte Mitchell, Wichtia East, Jr.

RB- Grant Stubblefield, BV Northwest, Sr.

RB- Dylan Edwards, Derby, Sr. (SIK 6A OPOY)

RB- Dawson Kindler, Gardner Edgerton, Jr.

RB – L.J. Phillips, Wichita Northwest, Sr.

WR- Jaxon Goldberg, BV North, Sr.

WR- Quan Dunbar, SM South, Sr.

TE- Cole Watson, Lawrence, Sr.

TE- Jackson Bowles, Manhattan, Sr.

OL- Dylan Birge, Olathe West, Sr.

OL- Spencer Davis, SM North, Sr.

OL- Evan Norris, Gardner Edgerton, Sr.

OL- Calvin Clements, Free State, Sr.

OL- Braden Hales, Olathe North, Jr.

OL- Lucas Conover, Olathe Northwest, Sr.

OL- Cooper Zwart, Olathe West, Sr.

OL- Terrance Saunders, BV West, Sr.

ATH- Malik O’Atis, SM Northwest, Sr.

ATH – DeAndre Aukland, Manhattan, Sr.

K- Grady Jesseph, Derby Jr.

K- Braxton Frey, Manhattan Sr.

Defense First Team – Parents/Athletes: Order patch at [email protected]

DL- Samuel Same, Derby, Sr.

DL- Ozzy Poague, Gardner Edgerton, Sr.

DL- Jordan Allen, Olathe South, Sr.

DL- Dexter Carr, Gardner Edgerton, Sr.

DL- Adam Parks, BV North, Sr.

DL- Caden Ross, Wichita NW, Sr.

DL- Aidan Behymer, BV Northwest, Sr.

LB- Kenton Simmons, Lawrence, Sr.

LB- Zach Darche, BV West, Sr.

LB- Jaxon Vikander, Manhattan, Sr.

LB- Ty Weber, Washburn Rural, Sr. (SIK 6A DPOY)

LB- Miles Wash, Derby, Sr.

DB- Joshua Parish, Olathe North Sr.

DB- Michael Boganowski, Junction City, Jr.

DB- Ryan Heiman, Garden City, Sr.

DB- Jack Schneider, Blue Valley West, Sr.

DB- Trey Ridley, BV Northwest, Jr.

ATH- Alex Gunderson, Olathe North, Sr.

ATH- Micah Geary, Olathe Northwest, Sr.

P- Mason McGavran, Olathe West, Sr.

RET- John Randle, Jr. Wichita Heights, Sr.

Coach: Joe Schartz, Manhattan

Sports in Kansas 6A All-State Honorable Mention – Parents/Athletes: Order your patches only at [email protected] – We also plan on having all-state t-shirts/hoodies that will be available very soon. Check back by email for the link to order.

Samuel Gatlin – Blue Valley, Joel Deppe – BV Northwest, Bryce Noerenberg – Olathe South, Tyrell Reed – Lawrence, TJ Porter – Olathe North, Vincent Gatschet – Olathe West, Eric Butler – Olathe Northwest, Aquan Dunbar – SM South, Zane Hall – Olathe South, Spencer Doan – Free State, Lance Bassett – Lawrence, Briar Ring – Olathe North, Darris Comeaux – SM North, Spencer Easley – Gardner Edgerton, Cooper Novacek – Olathe West, Kaleb Green – Gardner Edgerton, Aidan Blum – Olathe South, Brandon Roupsouay – Olathe West, Zane Hall – Olathe South, Cameron Porter – Gardner Edgerton, Jason Parrish Olathe North, Gerard Reed III – Olathe East, Christian Klobe – Olathe South, Jaise Osborn – Olathe Northwest, Jackson Kellogg – Gardner Edgerton, Austin Buie – Gardner Edgerton, Eli Porter – Gardner Edgerton, Eli BLazic – Gardner Edgerton, Dawson Williams – Gardner Edgerton, Jason Scoma – Olathe North, Dillon Mong – SM East, Will Stroud – Blue Valley, Sage Huffman – BV West, John Price – Blue Valley, Andre Davis – Blue Valley, JaShon White – BV Northwest, Gavin Hoffman – BV Northwest, Hadley Holmes – BV West, Gage Spachman – BV North, Easton Wasinger – BV Northwest, Lincoln Stueve – Blue Valley, Brody McManamon – BV West, Maguire Richman – Blue Valley, Colin Matile – BV Northwest, Logan Holthaus – BV Northwest, Lake Ryan – BV West, Jayce Glasper – Wichita Northwest, Cenere Thompson – Wichita Northwest, Michael Lopez – Wichita Northwest, Nathan Davis – Wichita Northwest, Alex Hererra – Wichita Northwest, Jacob Lamb – Wichita Northwest, Tre Birch – Wichita Nortwhest Jacob King – Wichita Northwest, Tyler Smalley – Wichita Northwest, Omari Wishom – Wichita East, Doyantay Standifer-  Wichita East, Nate Campbell – Wichita Hts, Rayvelle Leaks – Wichita East, M.J. White – Wichita East, D.J. Dingle – Heights,  Colton Ruedy – Derby, Kyle Butcher – Campus, Wyatt Jackson – Derby, Lashawk Davis – Derby, Christian Sicard – Campus, Damariea Barker – Derby, Harley Buller- Campus, Camden Cooper – Derby, Brock Zerger – Derby, Roman Boden – Derby, Kade Sheldon – Derby, Mitchell Johnson – Derby, Branton DeWeese – Washburn Rural, Ma’Kenttis  Adams – Washburn Rural, Logan Nabus – Junction City, Macoy Linck – Manhattan, Shane Sexton – Washburn Rural, Tate Hoover – Manhattan, Andrew Kenney – Manhattan, Caden Estrada – Washburn Rural, Lucas Hanks – Washburn Rural, Titan Osborn – Washburn Rural, Malijah Byers – Junction City, Packson Bettis – Washburn Rural, Kelonnie Patterson – Manhattan, Elijah Clarke-Boyd – Junction City, JC Heim – Washburn Rural, Max Standard – Manhattan, Isiah Kincade – Topeka, Dayten Smoot – Washburn Rural, Max Standard – Manhattan, Garrett Messenger – Garden City, Roman Loya Dodge City, Zack Keosengphet – Garden City, Jerry Arteaga – Garden City, David Holguin – Garden City, Caleb Wiese – Garden City, Trevor Brush – Blue Valley, Peyton Wheat – Topeka, Tyson Grammer – Lawrence, Adam Hageman – SM Northwest, Robert Marshall – Blue Valley, Casey Cervantez – Dodge City, Jayden Norman – Topeka, Jack Scott – Olathe West

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