Sports in Kansas 2022 8M-II All-State Football Team

Sports in Kansas has released its 2022 all-state football team. Voting is done by media members across the state of Kansas and finalized by Sports in Kansas staff & Chet Kuplen of Sports in Kansas.

ATTENTION PARENTS/ATHLETES: Order your all-state patch or honorable mention patch now at [email protected], we will also have a Top 100 Seniors, Non-Senior team out later this week. We also have stat leader patches. Patches can be ordered only at [email protected] We also plan on having all-state t-shirts/hoodies that will be available very soon. Check back by email for the link to order.

The 2022 all-state teams are powered by Mammoth Sports Construction, Nex-Tech Wireless, SAFE, and Watco. Congrats to all of the players honored.

Sports in Kansas 8M-II All-State Football – 2022

First Team Offense – Parents/Athletes: Order patch at [email protected]

Sports in Kansas 8M-II All-State

QB- Isaac Detweiler, Axtell, Sr.

QB- Garrett Matlbtie, Canton-Galva, Sr.

RB- Max Neeley, Dighton, Sr.

RB- Holden Barker, Crest, Sr.

RB- Carson Werth, Victoria, Sr.

E- Brandon Schmelze, Axtell, Soph.

E- Cason Mastre, Canton-Galva, Sr.

E- Colson Minks, Stafford, Sr.

OL- Owen Strathman, Axtell, Sr.

OL- Brian Shaw, Thunder Ridge, Sr.

OL- Grant Buessing, Axtell, Jr.

OL- Eli Wilkinson, Dighton, Sr.

ATH- Dylan Bice, Thunder Ridge, Sr.

ATH- Eli Lang, Minneola, Jr.

K- Tyler Korbe, Wallace County, Sr.

Defense First Team– Parents/Athletes: Order patch at [email protected]

DL- Austin Bailey, Lebo, Sr.

DL- T.J. Koehn, Canton-Galva, Sr.

DL- Dalton Bice, Thunder Ridge, Sr.

DL- Sawyer Deters, Axtell, Jr.

DL- Seth Schwein, Victoria, Jr.

DL- Kaleb Wagenblast, Thunder Ridge, Sr.

LB- Cooper Jermark, St. Johns Tipton, Sr.

LB- Josh Ferguson, Thunder Ridge, Sr.

LB- Dylan Gantz, Stafford, Sr.

DB- Cade Johnson, Wallace County, Sr.

DB- Jett Vincent, Canton-Galva, Sr.

DB- Briggs Jewell, South Barber, Jr.

ATH- Carson Shimer, Dighton, Jr.

ATH- Eli Broxterman, Axtell, Soph.

RET- Daniel Cramer, Dighton, Soph.

RET- Andrew Bowman, Bucklin, Jr.

P- Luke Bates, St. Johns Tipton, Sr.

Sports in Kansas 8M-II All-State Honorable Mention – Parents/Athletes: Order your patches only at [email protected] – We also plan on having all-state t-shirts/hoodies that will be available very soon. Check back by email for the link to order.

Ethan Godderz – Crest, Kiser Wiatrak – St. Paul, Steston Setter – St. Paul, Jaedeon Granere – Marmaton Valley, Zack Kirkpatrick – St. Paul, Ty Chambers – Crest, Ty Walker – Crest, Dylan Drake – Marmaton Valley, Landon Beachner – St. Paul, Cody Nolan – Crest,  Corey Reese – Lebo, Drew Konrade – Lebo, Ali Smith – Hartford, Brayden Lawson – Marmaton Valley, Dominic Risner – Lebo, Zach Oswald – Lebo, Nolin Trester – Hartford, Sawyer Deters – Axtell, Josh Zarybnicky – Hanover, Chase Bruna – Hanover, Skyler Zoeller – Blue Valley, Brock Burgman – Blue Valley, Grant Buessing – Axtell, Grady Buessing – Axtell, Ian Kresin – Lakeside, Sam Kendig – Osborne, Brian Shaw – Thunder Ridge, Valden Dohl – Sylvan Lucas, Lane Homewood – Sylvan Lucas, Hunter Howell – Osborne, Cooper Jermark – SJ Tipton, Chance Jermark – SJ Tipton,  Eli Hahn – Lakeside, Nate Boheen – Osborne, Connor Schurr – Osborne, Doak Guttery – Osborne,  Connor Ward – Wakefield, Daniel Cramer – Dighton, Cade Johnson – Wallace County, Tyler Korbe – Wallace County, Hector Wilkison – Dighton, Preston Witzel – St. Francis, Ace Edwards – Wallace County, Travis Korbe – Wallace Co., Ryan Renner – Minneola, Matthew Patterson – Hodgeman Col, Sawyer Bowman – Hodgeman Co., Drew Ellis – Bucklin, Andrew Bowman – Bucklin, Noah Deibert – Minneola, Caden McCandless – St. John, Claine Hickel – Central Plains, Taylor Anderson – Victoria, Seth Schewein – Victoria, Kyle Huser – Victoria, Kaden Arensman – Kinsley, Landon Daniels – Central Plains, Vance Hockersmith – Victoria, Peyton Schmidt – Kinsley, Thaddeus Wholer – Victoria, Conner Chamberlian – Kinsley, Ashton Harter – Stafford, Josh Hildebrand – Stafford, Briggs Jewell – South Barber, Brent Duncan – South Barber, Cash Tomberlin – South Barber, Bryson Rathgeber – South Barber, Lucas Kirk – Bucklin, Broc Burgman – Blue Valley, Ashtin Cochran – Fairfield, Mason Baker – Thunder Ridge, Brody Kershenske – Stafford, Kael Marquis – Pike Valley, Adam Phillips – Wheatland-Grinnell, Sawyer Deters – Axtell, Landon Schreiber – Blue Valley, Wes Anderson – Frankfort, Evan Buessing – Axtell, Lane Loiseau – Frankfort, Lane Barrett – Rural Vista, Gavin Carson – Rural Vista, Wyat Collins – Canton Galva, Noah Freeman – Wakefield

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