Think Before You Post – The Power of Social Media Tour

The “Think Before You Post” Power of Social Media Tour is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing school and event assemblies/presentations across the country. Originating in Kansas, now growing all over the United States with over 500+ events, schools, colleges, conferences since August of 2019. More information below about the eye opening and relevant message from Chet Kuplen who was recently named to Ingram’s list of “50 Kansans You Should Know in 2023”. In addition to the speaker and CEO/Founder of “Think Before You Post”, Kuplen is also the CEO/Founder of Sports in Kansas, LLC. Although, this message has nothing to do with Sports in Kansas when we go out of state, it is extremely relevant for students, staff and employees everywhere in the country. Find out more about “Think Before You Post” and the speaker and presenter below.

Now booking dates for Fall of 2023 & winter 2024 as dates are filling up.

-digital citizenship 

-online reputation, social media etiquette 

-viral posting, communicating w/o your phone -cyberbullying, online criminal activity 

-utilizing social media in jobs/networking  

-texting & driving 

-getting out of your comfort zone 

-great for all 6th-12th grade students & now offering for college students.

-In addition to all school assemblies 6th-12th grade – also for colleges, companies and event presentations , plus we’ve also done many parent presentations at night, plus community wide assemblies in addition to schools. We’ve also keynoted many stuco and leadership events/conferences.

-booking for all states available (started in Kansas under the Sports in Kansas brand)

– for all students! This is not a sports message!

– Why so many people had us to present initially? In Kansas – we are the most recognized & trusted name brand for hs sports coverage, while our message isn’t directly sports – people recognize who we are. We also know the power of social media firsthand – We started a company (Sports in Kansas) with an iPhone & 200$ 11 years ago that blew up into 350,000 followers, 5 radio shows, websites, social media, apparel, live streams etc. We live and breathe social media and have to keep up a reputation to thousands of followers everyday, we have to “Think Before You Post” all day everyday and see the disasters in the everyday world.

-As we know, what we do now on social media follows us for the rest of our lives! 

Info for pricing or to request a quote for high schools, junior high, events, conferences, career days, keynote, pricing depends on school size, type of event, how many assemblies, travel etc. Assembly time is 60 minutes but we offer group rates for multiple assemblies and all day rates. We work with several different groups to bring these town to be funded/sponsored: schools, law enforcement, booster clubs, etc. Minimal technology setup is required. For more information contact


Chet Kuplen, Founder/Speaker of “TBYP”

 [email protected]

Know a school district, counselor, principal, teacher, organization or parent that needs to see this? Let them know!

If you are interested in this we have custom rates depending on what your needs are. As 300+ schools in Kansas & 500+ nation wide  can vouch for us – this will be extremely powerful for your students and staff!

About the Speaker

Chet Kuplen is the CEO and Founder of Sports in Kansas, LLC since its beginning in May of 2012. The company was created off of a twitter account on an Iphone and quickly took off into the premier sports media company in Kansas with over 350,000 social media followers, five radio shows, websites, live streams, statewide telecasts nearly 11 years later. It continues to be the #1 followed platform in the state for high school sports. In his role at SIK, he oversees all of the operations that include managing websites/social, sales/advertising/marketing, business development, camps/combines. Kuplen earned KWCA Media of the Year in 2020 and KBCA Media of the Year in Kansas in 2021. His company has also earned the award in 2021 by the KWCA from reporter Conor Nicholl of Sports in Kansas and 2022 by the KWCA by Bethany Bowman of Sports in Kansas. Kuplen was recently named to the list of “50 Kansans You Should Know” by Ingrams in 2023.

“We are very thankful to be surrounded by some great people that work for us to make this company what it is. We also have some tremendous partners that make it all possible. ” Kuplen said.

In addition to Sports in Kansas, Kuplen is the founder and speaker of “Think Before You Post” – The Power of Social Media Tour, which started in 2019. While the message started in Kansas with schools affiliated with SIK, the message now has spread all over the US and has became its own operation (“Think Before You Post”) and it is quickly gaining momentum all over the country. He serves as the presenter and speaker of the assemblies all over the United States.

“Think Before You Post was something that was just for a few schools in Kansas that asked us to present originally about four years ago. It went viral pretty quickly where we were doing 10-13 assemblies a week across the state on digital citizenship, online reputation, online criminal activity, cyber bullying, positives/negatives etc.. Before we knew it, people started asking for it in other states & we expanded and its become just as popular in the other states. While people in Kansas recognize our brand as Sports in Kansas, our message has nothing to do with that when we go out of state. Think Before You Post is for everyone, everywhere. If you have a phone, its an eye opening and life changing message. We have worked with so many great people: admins, counselors, law enforcement, booster clubs, parents, teacher, coaches, students, business leaders, businesses to bring this to their schools, communities and work places. We are now on our second and third time around at multiple schools. We really have an influence on these students (and staff members) when we are in front of them to show them how to be a responsible digital citizen. As we know, what we do on social media, good or bad, it follows us for the rest of our life. We live and breathe social media all-day everyday in our company, interacting with thousands in real life situations. If we can help or inspire one student in every assembly or presentation, then we’ve done our job. There’s so much good social media can be used for in this world as opposed to just the bad. Our assembly covers both of that into great detail of real life experiences.” Kuplen said.

Kuplen, a native of Mulberry, Kansas, grew up on a farm in Southeast Kansas and graduated from Frontenac High School in 2002. He is also a graduate of Wichita State University in 2006 with his undergrad in sport administration and a graduate of the University of Central Missouri in 2009 with a masters degree in athletic business administration. He has also worked in collegiate athletic departments at Pittsburg State University, University of Arkansas and the University of Tulsa, prior to founding Sports in Kansas, LLC in 2012 and Think Before You Post in 2019. Kuplen and his wife, Alli, reside in Wichita with their two rescue pit bulls, Alfred and Sara.

Here are several testimonials below of the schools and organizations we have worked with. Do not miss out on this eye opening opportunity to help your school, community, or work place.

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