2022 Track in Kansas/Sports In Kansas – Statewide track and field leaders from Carol Swenson 

2022 Kansas Prep

Track & Field

(UP-DATED 5/21/22)

Coaches, please send your complete meet results, noting whether the meet was hand-timed or FAT.

Times listed to hundredths have been verified as .   Hand-timed preliminary marks are not considered for listing, only hand-timed finals.

( h: Times are listed using the +0.24 difference between hand and fully automatic times (i.e., 10.5 hand = 10.74 FAT) for races of less than one lap and +0.14 for races of one lap or longer.)

Marks with classifications preceding are

*       Junior

**     Sophomore

***    Freshman

****  8th Grade

*****  7th Grade

(x)    KSHSAA Approved School

+      Known legal wind

&      Summer meet.  Did not compete for KSHSAA approved school during spring season

Class Leaders listed when none rank among top 15-20 yearly performances.




*Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)       10.27w

   (#1 A-T KS HS)

Caquoy Patterson, Wichita East (6A)          10.51

*Isaiah Bates, Pleasanton (2A)                   10.52

*Bryson Turner, Madison (1A)                  10.53

Kyler Haughton, SM East (6A)                   10.57

Ashton Barkdull, Andover Cent (5A)          10.57

*Bryce Cohoon, Maize (5A)                      10.57

*Math Medeiros-Bontempo, Olathe So (6A) 10.58

Alonzo Morgan, BV North (6A)                 10.62

Gerardo Arteaga, Garden City (6A)           10.63

Jacob Parrish, Olathe North (6A)               10.64

Divante Herrig-Brittian, KC Piper (5A)        10.65

Jaeden Hamilton, Wichita Heights (6A)       10.70

*Sidney Lockhart, Mill Valley (5A)              10.71

Tayton Klein, Andover (5A)                     10.72

*Nolan Bevan, Valley Center (5A)              10.73

Eunicio Vazquez Wichita West (6A)           10.74

Brayden Schomaker, Manhattan (6A)          10.74

Harrison Brunk, Inman (2A)                     10.74

Cameron Campbell, Buhler (4A)                10.75

Mason Schurr, Osborne (1A)                    10.77

Sam Keir, SM North (6A)                        10.78

Travon Manuel, Wichita East (6A)              10.75

*Rawley Chard, Chanute (4A)                   10.77

Christian Crawford, Derby (6A)                10.80

Javion Lee, Topeka West (5A)                   10.80

Eddy Rachedi, Wichta SE (6A)                   10.81

Jack Guthridge, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)      10.81

Chason VanDerWege, Hays (5A)               10.81

Ashton Barkdull, Andover Central (5A)       10.81

Kaden Elmore, Moundridge (2A)                10.82

Ja’laven January, Shawnee Heights (5A)        10.83

Brady Hendrix, Lakin (3A)                        10.83


Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)          9.8hw

JaeBreyn January, Shawnee Heights (5A)      10.5hw

Tyrell Reed, Highland Park (5A)                10.5h

*TreVontoe Richardson, Highland Park (5A) 10.5h

Peoples, Topeka (6A)                             10.6h

Steven Mills, KC Harmon (6A)                  10.8h



William Jones, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            21.00

   (=#4 A-T KS HS)

Ashton Barkdull, Andover Central (5A)       21.40

*Rawley Chard, Chanute (4A)                   21.43

*Isaiah Bates, Pleasanton (1A)                   21.47

*Tre Richardson, Highland Park (5A)          21.77

Jacob Parrish, Olathe North (6A)               21.78

*Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)       21.82

Travon Manuel, Wichita East (6A)              21.82

*Bryce Cohoon, Maize (5A)                      21.82

Grant Lockwood, KC Piper (5A)               21.85

Kyler Haughton, SM East (6A)                   21.86

Isaac Ativie, Leavenworth (5A)                  21.89

Caquoy Patterson, Wichita East (6A)          21.97

Mason Schurr, Osborne (1A)                    22.02

Brogen Renfro, Silver Lake (3A)                22.03

Harrison Brunk, Inman (2A)                     22.07

Tobi Osunsamni, Wichita East (6A)            22.08

Keaton Hansard, Bishop Carroll (5A)          22.08

Gerardo Arteaga, Garden City (6A)           22.09

Eunicio Vazquez, Wichita West (6A)          22.09

Lucas DeDonder, Abilene (4A)                  22.09

Marquan Culley, Wichita SE (6A)               22.11

*Colin Gann, Olathe NW (6A)                  22.15

Brady Hendrix, Lakin (3A)                        22.17

Brant Wilson, Basehor-Linwood (5A)         22.18

*Luke McLaughlin, Rose Hill (4A)               22.18

**Tieon Jones, BV North (6A)                   22.20

Jaylen Burch, Bishop Miege (4A)                22.20

Toby Wahlmeier, Concordia (4A)              22.24

John Randle, Wichita Heights (6A)             22.25

Ja’Laven January, Shawnee Heights (5A)       22.26

Levi Jukes, St Marys (2A)                         22.26

Ethan Burton, Council Grove (3A)             22.27


*TreVontoe Richardson, Highland Park (5A) 21.6h

**Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)      21.8h

Brogan Renfro, Silver Lake (3A)                 22.3h

January, Shawnee Heights (5A)                  22.4h

Ty Anderson, Burlington (3A)                   22.4h

Josh Zsuzsics, Lincoln (1A)                       22.5h



William Jones, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            46.29

   (#1 A-T KS HS)

Jacob Parrish, Olathe North (6A)                48.67

*Alex Waldie, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)       49.02

Eddy Rachedi, Wichita SE (6A)                  49.03

Grant Lockwood, KC Piper (5A)               49.22

Mason Schurr, Osborne (1A)                    49.61

*Avery Albright, Kingman (3A)                  49.62

Alex Rogers, SM Northwest (6A)              49.64

*John Niesen, St James Academy (5A)         49.64

**Jack Steger, Lansing (5A)                       49.71

*Henry Sheets, SM East (6A)                     49.80

*Keaton Hansard, Bishop Carroll (5A)        49.81

*Nakari Morrical-Palmer, SE of Saline (3A)   49.96

Rawley Chard, Chanute (4A)                    49.97

*Nen Matlock, Mill Valley (5A)                  50.06

*Tanner Dowling-Burnett, Manhattan (6A)   50.09

Nichael Mejia, Leavenworth (5A)               50.20

Aiden Damman, Girard (3A)                     50.23

Dylan Sprecker, SE of Saline (3A)               50.31

Colin Gann, Olathe NW (6A)                   50.47

Jack Loyd, Bishop Carroll (5A)                  50.48

*TreVontoe Richardson, Highland Park (5A) 50.54

Luke Bunker, Spring Hill (5A)                    50.55

*Trot Wood, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)         50.57

Jack Loyd, Bishop Carroll (5A)                  50.62

Tayton Klein, Andover (5A)                     50.65

*Jon Cutting, Wamego (4A)                     50.67

*Oliver Dominguez, Great Bend (5A)         50.69

*Carson Phelps, Collegiate-W (3A)            50.69

*P.J. McCallop, Bishop Miege (4A)              50.77

**Adrion Seals, Eudora (4A)                     50.76

Marquan Culley, Wichita SE (6A)               50.83

2A: Luke Browning, KC Christian (2A)        51.01



*Alex Waldie, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)         1:52.70

   (#12 A-T KS HS)

Bret Beard, Olathe NW (6A)                     1:53.23

   (#18 A-T KS HS)

Grant Lockwood, KC Piper (5A)                 1:54.04

Ben Shryock, Free State (6A)                      1:54.15

*Wyatt Haughton, SM East (6A)                  1:54.64

Jordan Kilonzo, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)        1:54.95

*Tenton Sandler, BV North (6A)                 1:55.11

**Clay Shively, Trinity-Wichita (3A)             1:55.17

Tanner Newkirk, Hayden (4A)                    1:55.69

Sawyer Schmidt, Augusta (4A)                    1:56.14

Aidan Reyna, Olathe West (6A)                  1:56.72

*Kaiden Esfeld, Great Bend (5A)                  1:56.98

Dylan Sprecker, SE of Saline (3A)                 1:57.05

**Noah Summers, Blue Valley-OP (6A)         1:57.10

Jack Keathley-Helms, Free State (6A)            1:57.53

Ashton Higgerson, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)   1:57.50

**Palmer O’Connor, DeSoto (5A)               1:57.55

**Diego Barron, Olathe East (6A)                1:57.68

*Trent Zimbelman, Bishop Carroll (5A)        1:57.77

Ty Brechler, BV West (6A)                        1:57.94

Jayce Brenner, Osage City (3A)                   1:57.99

Logan Keith, Meade (1A)                           1:57.99

Henry Thengvall, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)      1:58.00

*Nen Matlock, Mill Valley (5A)                    1:58.00

Carter Stanley, Olathe East (6A)                 1:58.05

Silas Miller, Marysville (3A)                        1:58.17

Hayden Keller, Buhler (4A)                        1:58.30

*John Jacobson, St James Academy (5A)        1:58.40

Tyler Atkins, Junction City (6A)                  1:58.53

**Jake Hedges, Free State (6A)                    1:58.55

Ty Roshau, St James Academy (5A)              1:58.59

*Caden Peters, SM East (6A)                      1:58.74

Luke Brock, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)            1:58.81

Chase Schieber, Mill Valley (5A)                  1:58.83

Gavin Doubrava, Girard (3A)                     1:58.94

Zach Winter, Andale (4A)                         1:58.98

William Schaeffer, Maize South (5A)             1:59.00

2A: Cooper Schroer, Chase County (2A)      1:59.07


(3:39.0)  (* Enroute to 1-Mile)



(y = 1-Mile minus 1.6 sec)   (*  Enroute to 1-Mile)

(+ = 1500 times 1.0737)

**Clay Shively, Trinity-Wichita (3A)             4:10.08

   (#12 A-T KS HS)

Grant Pierce, Wichita Heights (6A)              4:10.30

   (#14 A-T KS HS)

Tanner Newkirk, Hayden (4A)                    4:10.88

   (#17 A-T KS HS)

*Wyatt Haughton, SM East (6A)                  4:12.78

Ben Shryock, Free State (6A)                      4:14.49

   (PR 4:08.62y, #9 A-T KS HS, 2021)

Dylan Sprecker, SE of Saline (3A)                 4:15.72

Sawyer Schmidt, Augusta (4A)                    4:16.76

Aidan Reyna, Olathe West (6A)                  4:17.39

Logan Seger, St Thomas-Aquiinas (5A)          4:18.20

   (PR 4:11.79y, #19 A-T KS HS, 2021)

**Parker Walion, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)      4:18.80

*Henry Born, SM Northwest (6A)               4:18.87

**Micah Blomker, SM North (6A)                4:19.75

*Caden Peters, SM East (6A)                      4:20.55

Jack Beard, Olathe NW (6A)                      4:20.63

Chase Schieber, Mill Valley (5A)                  4:21.03

Matthew Tolman, Olathe South (6A)            4:21.08

Carson McEachern, Bishop Carroll (5A)        4:21.39

*C.J. Meyer, Collegiate-W (3A)                   4:22.21

*Carter Stewart, Olathe East (6A)               4:22.52

*Eli Gilmore, Tonganoxie (4A)                    4:22.62

*Tyler Burns, Olathe South (6A)                 4:22.96

Luke Brock, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)            4:23.07

**Diego Barron, Olathe East (6A)                4:23.32

Nic Botkin, Mill Valley (5A)                        4:23.57

*Colby King, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           4:23.60

*Ty Brechler, BV West (6A)                       4:23.98

Tyler Atkins, Junction City (6A)                  4:24.43

*Trenton Sandler, BV North (6A)                4:24.69

**Noah Summers, Blue Valley-OP (6A)         4:24.70

Eli Moore, St James Academy (5A)               4:25.16

Austin Oakerson, SM Northwest (6A)          4:25.48

Devin Chappel, Garden City (6A)                4:25.82

*Kaiden Esfeld, Great Bend (5A)                  4:25.91

2A Luke Browning, KC Christian (2A)          4:27.97

1A: Elijah Zortman, Fowler (1A)                  4:35.17



*Ben Shryock, Free State (6A)                    4:20.17i

   (PR 4:10.22, #7 A-T KS HS, 2021)

Dylan Sprecker, SE of Saline (3A)                 4:28.51i

Tyler Arkins, Junction City (6A)                  4:31.48i

Jordan Kilonzo, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)        4:33.35i

Trenton Sandler, Blue Valley North (6A)       4:33.64i

*Colby King, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           4:35.07i

Logan Seger, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)

   (PR 4:13.39, #14 A-T KS HS, 2021)


Tanner Newkirk, Hayden (4A)                    8:34.75i

Sawyer Schmidt, Augusta (4A)                    8:54.53i

Tanner Lindahl, Buhler (4A)                       9:03.17i



(y = 2-miles minus 3.4 sec)

Grant Pierce, Wichita Heights (6A)              8:58.89

   (#5 A-T KS HS)

Tanner Newkirk, Hayden (4A)                    9:09.76

   (#19 A-T KS HS)

Sawyer Schmidt, Augusta (4A)                    9:12.26

**Micah Blomker, SM North (6A)                9:12.58

Tyler Atkins, Junction City (6A)                  9:12.65

Logan Seger, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           9:12.67

   (PR 9:09.07, #17 A-T KS HS, 2021)

**Clay Shively, Trinity-W (3A)                    9:15.99

*Colby King, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)           9:18.39

Ben Shryock, Free State (6A)                      9:20.66

Aidan Reyna, Olathe West (6A)                  9:20.68

*Wyatt Haughton, SM East (6A)                  9:23.13

Tanner Lindahl, Buhler (4A)                       9:23.38

Ashton Higgerson, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)   9:23.43

Eli Moore, St James Academy (5A)               9:24.02

Dylan Sprecker, SE of Saline (3A)                 9:24.29

Matthew Tolman, Olathe South (6A)            9:29.26

*Henry Born, SM Northwest (6A)               9:32.37

*Prabhav Pagadala, BV North (6A)               9:32.66

Carson McEachern, Bishop Carroll (5A)        9:32.89

Devin Chappel, Garden City (6A)                9:36.47

**Jackson Esquibel, Shawnee Heights (5A)      9:37.31

**Jonathan Purvis, Leavenworth (5A)            9:37.47

**Samuel Ferguson, Trinity-Wichita (3A)       9:38.27

Andrew Mason, Blue Valley NW (6A)           9:38.92

Tyler Burns, Olathe South (6A)                   9:38.94

Landen O’Neil, Andover Central (5A)          9:40.60

Brady Huggins, DeSoto (5A)                       9:41.03

Lenny Njoroge, Topeka West (5A)              9:41.41

*Bennett Meoli, Olathe South (6A)              9:41.43

**Angesom Vega, Mill Valley (5A)                9:42.06

*Caden Peters, SM East (6A)                      9:42.57

*C.J. Meyer, Collegiate-W (3A)                   9:42.90

Matthew Tolman, Olathe South (6A)            9:43.02

*Tanner Ulbrich, Girard (3A)                     9:44.49

Alexander Holmes, Washburn Rural (6A)      9:44.50

2A: Spencer Mumford KC Christian (2A)     10:09.58

1A: Corbin Ricke, Spearville (1A)               10:19.06



*Josh Parrish, Olathe North (6A)               14.11

*Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)       14.23

Zane Pepperd, Goddard (5A)                     14.51

Chase Poague, SE of Saline (3A)                 14.51

*Jason Parrish, Olathe North (6A)              14.57

KeiJuan Johnson, Highland Park (5A)           14.57

Tom Koontz, Louisburg (4A)                    14.59

Tayton Klein, Andover (5A)                     14.60

Braeden Whitehurst, Paola (4A)                14.76

*Jack Robertson, Olathe East (6A)             14.79

*D.J. Dingle, Wichita Heights (6A)              14.82

Stephfon Hunter, Hutchinson (6A)             14.83

Jonah Remsberg, Newton (5A)                  14.85

*Raphael Gichuhi, Olathe East (6A)            14.86

Marcus White, Wichita East (6A)               14.93

*Teagan Cobb, Rose Hill (4A)                   14.99

Jaden Thompson, Wichta NW (6A)            15.02

Thomas Johnson, Augusta (4A)                  15.09

**Joey Taylor, Olathe East (6A)                 15.10

Austin Allen, Olathe South (6A)                15.13

Grayden Stapleton, Meade (1A)                 15.13

Madison Regehr, Great Bend (5A)              15.14

*Mason Dobbins, Louisburg (4A)               15.15

Ben Neal, Trinity-Hutch (2A)                    15.15

Brock Stupka, Andover Central (5A)          15.16

Luke Hampl, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)         15.19

**Jayden Henry, KC Piper (5A)                  15.22

*Sander Zutterman, Marysville (3A)            15.23

*Mikell Hamilton, Derby (6A)                   15.25

Tony Rhone, Leavenworth (5A)                 15.25

Kelby Eck, Andale (4A)                            15.25

Luke Holthusen, Bishop Carroll (5A)          15.26

Russell McCarty, Labette County (4A)        15.26

Keiondra Smith, Caldwell (1A)                  15.26

Jake Muller, Hayden (4A)                         15.30


*Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)       14.2h

Keijuan Johnson, Highland Park (5A)           15.1h

*Jake Muller, Hayden (4A)                        15.3h

Keaton Reeves, Pike Valley (1A)                15.5h

Braeden Whitehurst, Paola (4A)                15.6h

Keiondra Smith, Caldwell (1A)                  15.6h



Tayton Klein, Andover (5A)                     38.33

Chase Poague, SE of Saline (3A)                 38.66

*Jason Parrish, Olathe North (6A)             38.74

*Josh Parrish, Olathle North (6A)              39.10

Tom Koontz, Louisburg (4A)                    39.39

*Jake Muller, Hayden (4A)                          39.39

**Jeremiah Smith, Shawnee Heights (5A)      39.53

Stephfon Hunter, Hutchinson (6A)             39.64

Matthew Holthusen, Bishop Carroll (5A)     39.76

*Jack Robertson, Olathe East (6A)             39.79

Luke Hampl, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)         39.81

*Conor Dunback, Eudora (4A)                  40.06

*Jordan Garvin, Shawnee Heights (5A)        40.10

Tyler Schultze, DeSoto (5A)                     40.22

Preston Dunn, St John-Hudson (1A)           40.28

*Madison Regehr, Great Bend (5A)            40.45

Keijuan Johnson, Highland Park (5A)           40.48

**Joey Taylor, Olathe East (6A)                 40.61

**Jayden Henry, KC Piper (5A)                  40.64

**Isaiah Holthaus, Tonganoxie (4A)            40.65

*Philip Eck, Bishop Carroll (5A)                 40.67

Logan Albers, Garden Plain (2A)                40.69

Russell McCarty, Labette County (4A)        40.6h

Tyler Tarpley, Lakin (3A)                         40.71

Gavin McAferty, Olathe South (6A)            40.81

Myles Fredrick, Buhler (4A)                      40.82

*Mikell Hamilton, Derby (6A)                   40.87

Collin Rooney, Spring Hill (5A)                  40.97

Manny Reyes, Holcomb (3A)                    40.99

Matthew Seiler, Andale (4A)                     41.00

Cav Carlgren, Concordia (4A)                  41.02

Keiondra Smith, Caldwell (1A)                  41.06

*Sander Zutterman, Marysville (3A)            41.07

Marco Zambrano, Manhattan (6A)             41.09



**                                                        1

2,000m Steeplechase


Austin Hock, Derby (6A)                           6:52.14

Gabe McGee, Blue Valley SW (5A)              6:54.38

Ethan Finney, Andover Central (5A)             6:59.33

Alex Meister, Labette County (4A)              7:00.30

Ethan Townsend, Bishop Carroll (5A)           7:01.01

Spencer Hines, Buhler (4A)                        7:01.36

4×100 M RELAY


KC Piper (5A)                                       41.83

   (#11 A-T KS HS)

Wichita East (6A)                                      42.13

Wichita Heights (6A)                              42.49

Derby (6A)                                          42.51

Bonner Springs (5A)                               42.59

Galena (3A)                                         42.5h

DeSoto (5A)                                        42.66

Olathe North (6A)                                 42.70

SM North (6A)                                      42.71

Basehor-Linwood (5A)                            42.79

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                42.79

Collegiate-W (3A)                                 42.82

Inman (2A)                                           42.98

Chanute (4A)                                       42.99

Hays (5A)                                            43.02

Manhattan (6A)                                     43.07

SE of Saline (3A)                                    43.07

Moundridge (2A)                                   43.07

Olathe South (6A)                                 43.08

Maize (5A)                                           43.10

Free State (6A)                                     43.12

SM East (6A)                                        43.17

Burlington (3A)                                     43.21

Eudora (4A)                                         43.24

BV North (6A)                                      43.25

Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)                          43.32

Louisburg (4A)                                      43.33

Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                           43.34

Buhler (4A)                                          43.39

Andale (4A)                                         43.43

Lakin (3A)                                            43.46

SE of Saline (3A)                                    43.51

Rose Hill (4A)                                       43.52

Topeka (6A)                                         43.54

Garden City (6A)                                   43.55

Hutchinson (6A)                                    43.55

St James Academy (5A)                           43.57

1A: Frankfort (1A)                                 44.16

4×200 M RELAY

Wichita East (6A)                                    1:30.15

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 1:30.51

Wichita Heights (6A)                               1:32.36

Goddard (5A)                                         1:34.74

SM North (6A)                                       1:34.93

Wichita NW (6A)                                   1:35.03

Garden City (6A)                                    1:35.70

Wichita West (6A)                                  1:35.98

4×400 M RELAY


St James Academy (5A)                             3:21.40

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 3:23.33

Olathe NW (6A)                                     3:23.60

Leavenworth (5A)                                   3:24.20

KC Piper (5A)                                        3:24.72

Andale (4A)                                           3:24.81

SM East (6A)                                          3:25.07

Moundridge (2A)                                     3:25.43

Basehor-Linwood (5A)                              3:25.44

Inman (2A)                                            3:25.76

Hesston (3A)                                         3:25.78

DeSoto (5A)                                          3:25.88

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                           3:26.10

Spring Hill (5A)                                       3:26.38

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                 3:26.49

Olathe North (6A)                                  3:26.94

Maize (5A)                                             3:27.01

Manhattan (6A)                                       3:27.06

Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                             3:27.14

Louisburg (4A)                                       3:27.25

Andover Central (5A)                              3:27.28

Lakin (3A)                                             3:27.28

SE of Saline (3A)                                     3:27.47

Hayden (4A)                                          3:27.63

Wamego (4A)                                        3:27.71

SM South (6A)                                        3:27.94

Free State (6A)                                       3:27.63

Great Bend (5A)                                     3:28.01

Junction City (6A)                                   3:28.02

Olathe West (6A)                                   3:28.13

Maize South (5A)                                    3:28.17

Smoky Valley (3A)                                   3:28.17

Eudora (4A)                                           3:28.18

Dodge City (6A)                                     3:28.38

Hayden (4A)                                          3:28.58

Abilene (4A)                                          3:28.62

SM North (6A)                                       3:28.73

1A: Meade (1A)                                      3:29.19

4×800 M RELAY


 [y = 4×880 minus 2.8 sec]

Olathe NW (6A)                                     7:53.24

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                           7:53.25

DeSoto (5A)                                          7:56.80

Olathe East (6A)                                     7:59.72

Free State (6A)                                       8:03.19

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                 8:06.48

St James Academy (5A)                             8:06.56

Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                             8:07.82

Wamego (4A)                                        8:10.10

BV West (6A)                                        8:11.54

Olathe West (6A)                                   8:11.78

SM South (6A)                                        8:13.14

Mill Valley (5A)                                       8:14.53

SM East (6A)                                          8:15.88

Maize (5A)                                             8:16.87

Olathe South (6A)                                   8:16.33

Blue Valley SW (5A)                                 8:16.77

Abilene (4A)                                          8:17.09

Dodge City (6A)                                     8:17.10

Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)                            8:17.60

SM North (6A)                                       8:18.04

BV North (6A)                                       8:20.78

Pittsburg (5A)                                         8:21.56

Derby (6A)                                            8:21.61

Arkansas City (5A)                                  8:22.59

Topeka West (5A)                                   8:22.66

Lansing (5A)                                           8:23.04

Buhler (4A)                                            8:23.08

KC Christian (2A)                                   8:23.37

Maize South (5A)                                    8:24.20

Scott Community (3A)                             8:24.37

Collegiate-W (3A)                                   8:24.39

Silver Lake (3A)                                      8:24.51

Marysville (3A)                                       8:25.38

Manhattan (6A)                                       8:25.53

Newton (5A)                                         8:26.16

Eisenhower (5A)                                     8:26.54

KC Piper (5A)                                        8:26.93

Lawrence (6A)                                        8:27.75

1A: Meade (1A)                                      8:34.35

4×1600 M RELAY


[y = 4×1-mile minus 5.5 sec]

DeSoto (5A)                                        18:54.14

SM East (6A)                                        19:06.49

Dodge City (6A)                                    19:28.30

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               19:40.89

SM South (6A)                                      19:42.35


Great Bend (5A)                                     1:37.9h

Wichita SE (6A)                                      1:38.0h

Maize South (5A)                                    1:38.79

KC Piper (5A)                                        1:38.84

Bonner Springs (5A)                                 1:39.96

Wichita East (6A)                                    1:40.7h



Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                             3:38.88

Olathe West (6A)                                   3:40.87

Olathe NW (6A)                                     3:42.09

SM Northwest (6A)                                 3:44.60

Olathe East (6A)                                     3:44.71



[y = 2.5-mile medley minus 4.0 seconds]

Olathe East (6A)                                    10:44.03

Olathe West (6A)                                  10:53.17

BV North (6A)                                      10:53.99

Gardner-Edgerton (6A)                           10:55.43

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                          10:56.67

St James Academy (5A)                           10:57.16


BV North (6A)                                       1:09.77

Andale (4A)                                           1:10.87

Chanute (4A)                                         1:11.52

Dodge City (6A)                                     1:12.17

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                           1:13.26

Garden City (6A)                                    1:14.62

SM Northwest (6A)                                 1:15.11



Kolt Ungeheuer, Columbus (3A)                 6-10.5

Jordan Dale, Hays (5A)                             6-10.25

Kendrick Jones, Mill Valley (5A)                  6-10

Brogan Rowley, Ell-Saline (2A)                    6-10

Matthew Heckman, Burlingame (1A)            6-10

Carter Wagner, Rose Hill (4A)                   6-09

Seth Madron, McPherson (4A)                    6-08

Lendall Paul Rowden, Olathe North (6A)       6-07

*Alec Carlson, Pawnee Heights (1A)            6-06.25

*Tyler Jones, Olathe West (6A)                  6-06

Robby James, Wichita NW (6A)                  6-06

**Elijah Hakim, Olathe West (6A)                6-06

Quinn Heather, Olathe NW (6A)                6-06

*Genesis Bethea, Leavenworth (5A)             6-06

**Kaleb Tesmer, Blue Valley SW (5A)           6-06

**Chase Hyer, Fort Scott (4A)                    6-06

Carl Clark, Lyons (3A)                              6-06

Braden Colglazier, Pawnee Heights (1A)        6-06

*Matthew Heckman, Burlingame (1A)           6-06

*Jaiden Bender, Eudora (4A)                       6-05

Luke Grace, Cheney (3A)                          6-04.25

Kevin Amuzati, Olathe South (6A)               6-04

***Cole Smither, Olathe North (6A)            6-04

Ethan Agudzi-Addo, Junction City (6A)          6-04

**Jaxon Glover, Olathe West (6A)               6-04

**Vincent Malone, Manhattan (6A)               6-04

Alan Hanna, Maize (5A)                             6-04

Brock Stupka, Andover Central (5A)            6-04

Brandt Stupka, Andover Central (5A)           6-04

*Marion Ryan, Parsons (4A)                       6-04

**Kaiden Seamster Chanute (4A)                 6-04

*Rook Williams, Marysville (3A)                  6-04

Trey Rogers, West Franklin (3A)                 6-04

Gage Davenport, Girard (3A)                     6-04

Kaden Doleman, Perry-Lecompton (3A)        6-04

Jackson Swartz, Chaparral (3A)                   6-04

*Jace Peerman, Russell (3A)                       6-04

Brayden Strobel, Russell (3A)                     6-04

Gage Burk, LaCrosse (1A)                         6-04

*Trey Collins, Tipton (1A)                         6-04

Edwin Rodriguez, Satanta (1A)                    6-04

Trace Sellars, Fowler (1A)                         6-04

Jaxon Russell, Pike Valley (1A)                    6-04



Ashton Barkdull, Andover Cent (5A)          16-00

Evan Schmidt, BV West (6A)                      15-08

Thomas Unruh, Burlington (3A)                 15-06

*Andrew Kirby, Olathe East (6A)               15-03

*Max Neeley, Dighton (1A)                      15-00

**Kole Manley, Eudora (4A)                     14-09

**Bryce Barkdull, Andover Central (5A)      14-08

Kurtis McCormick, Eudora (4A)                14-08

*Pierson Carlisle, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)    14-06

**Ian Quarles, Olathe North (6A)              14-06

**Jayden Campbell, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)  14-00

Cooper Stone, Free State (6A)                  14-00

**Jackson Lawler, Mill Valley (5A)              14-00

Davis Brogan, Blue Valley SW (6A(             14-00

Jonah Remsberg, Newton (5A)                  14-00

Bryce Bingham, Chanute (4A)                   14-00

Aaron Quillen, Ottawa (4A)                     14-00

**Caden Caplinger, Louisburg (4A)             14-00

Ethan Elliott, Wellsville (3A)                     14-00

Nate Hein, Hillsboro (2A)                        14-00

Tristen Porter, Wichita County (1A)          13-11

Brady Deges, South Gray (1A)                  13-09

**Rylan White, Andale (4A)                      13-07

Gus Vankeirsbilck, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)  13-06

**Samuel Johnson, Paola (4A)                    13-06

Simon Lee, Clay Center (4A)                    13-06

*Logan Schmidt, Eudora (4A)                    13-06

**Josiah Ball, Hoisington (3A)                    13-06

*Tate Murdock, Colby (3A)                      13-06

Carson Faurot, Scott Community (3A)        13-06

Gaile Simbulan, SM South (6A)                  13-05

Tanner Tustian, Buhler (4A)                     13-03

*Mason Pfaff, Minneola (1A)                      13-03

Xander Newberry, Attica (1A)                  13-03



Tayton Klein, Andover (5A)                     23-10

*TreVontoe Richardson, Highland Park (5A) 23-09

*Josh Parrish, Olathe North (6A)               23-08.75

John Randle, Wichita Heights (6A)             23-05

*Kelvin Acheampong, SM Northwest (6A)    23-03.5

Lendall Paul Rowden, Olathe North (6A)     23-03

Ty Anderson, Burlington (3A)                   23-01.75

Javion Lee, Topeka West (5A)                   22-09.5

Zsamar Sipple, Topeka West (5A)              22-09.5

Jonah Remsberg, Newton (5A)                  22-08.25

*Bryson Turner, Madison (1A)                  22-08.25

Kendrick Jones, Mill Valley (5A)                 22-08

Preston May, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)        22-07.75

Gavin Patton, Buhler (4A)                        22-07

*Kyreese Groen, Hays (5A)                      22-06.75

*Teagan Cobb, Rose Hill (4A)                   22-06.75

***Jensen Schrickel, Hayden (4A)               22-06

*Tyler Jones, Olathe West (6A)                 22-05

Avion Nelson, Lawrence (6A)                   22-05

*Keamonie Archie, Hays (5A)                   22-05

Zane Hoback, Burlington (3A)                   22-04

Emmitt Jueneman, Hanover (1A)                22-03.25

*Isaac Ativie, Leavenworth (5A)                 22-03

Bralen Thompson, Hoisington (3A)            22-03

Gabe Harp-Jackson, ElDorado (4A)            22-02.5

Jordan Upton, SM South (6A)                    22-01.25

Luke Grace, Cheney (3A)                        22-01.25

Michael Standiewicz, Olathe South (6A)       22-01

K.J. Smith, Bishop Ward (3A)                    22-01

*Chason VanDerWege, Hays (5A)             22-00.75

*Nick Matlack, Olathe East (6A)                22-00

2A: Tanner Heckel, Inman (2A)                 21-11.5



Adrian Dimond, Mill Valley (5A)                48-03.25

*TreVontoe Richardson, Highland Park (5A) 46-05

Zsamar Sipple, Topeka West (5A)             46-03

John Randle, Wichita Heights (6A)             46-09

DeShon Reynolds, Derby (6A)                  45-11

Avion Nelson, Lawrence (6A)                   45-11

*Kelvin Acheampong, SM Northwest (6A)    45-05.5

Brock Stupka, Andover Central (5A)          45-04

*Bryson Turner, Madison (1A)                  45-04

**Elijah Hakim, Olathe West (6A)              45-03.5

Kyreese Groen, Hays (5A)                       45-03

*Alec Carlson, Pawnee Heights (1A)           45-00

*Oliver Dominguez, Great Bend (5A)         44-10.5

Emmitt Jueneman, Hanover (1A)                44-09.5

Lance Pauly, Conway Springs (2A)              44-08.5

Chason VanDerWege, Hays (5A)               44-03.5

Kelby Eck, Andale (4A)                            44-03.5

*Kanyon Yazzie, SM North (6A)                44-03

Caden Dalinghaus, Frankfort (1A)              44-02.5

**Randy Singleton, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)   44-00.25

Tristan Friesen, Sublette (2A)                   43-10.5

Tanner Heckel, Inman (2A)                      43-10.25

Jesse Jones, Parsons (4A)                         43-10

*Genesis Bethea, Leavenworth (5A)           43-09.5

Tavian Gilliam, Buhler (4A)                       43-09.25

Carter Wagner, Rose Hill (4A)                  43-09

Fernando Herrera, Larned (3A)                 43-09

Jacob Carls, Wetmore (1A)                      43-08.5

Collins Elumogo, Manhattan (6A)               43-08

Tristan Madden, Olathe North (6A)           43-08

*Conor Dunback, Eudora (4A)                  43-08

Dean Clark, Norton Community (3A)         43-07.5

Kendrick Jones, Mill Valley (5A)                 43-07

Bralen Thompson, Hoisington (3A)            43-07

Braden Colglazier, Pawnee Heights (1A)      43-07

Jack Losew, Central Christian-Hutch (1A)    43-06



Kenneth Huston, SM East (6A)                  65-05

   (#5 A-T KS HS)

Casey Helm, Madison (1A)            (60-05.5) 61-08i

*Jackson Kraus, Andale (4A)                     60-00

William Doolittle, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)   57-11.5

Terrell Elliott, Garden City (6A)                57-06

Caden Rhamy, Paola (4A)                        57-00.5

Jayden Oquendo, Olathe NW (6A)            56-09

*Grady Seyfert, Beloit (3A)                      56-01

Gabe Peterson, Blue Valley NW (6A)         55-09

Jackson Angle, Winfield (4A)                    55-07.5

*Peyton Smith, Marysville (3A)                  55-07

*Jordan Allen, Oathe South (6A)                55-00

Zach Sulzen-Watson, Washburn Rural (6A)  54-05.5

Noah Smith, Lawrence (6A)                     54-02

Isiah Tyson, Parsons (4A)                         54-00.5

Connor Deters, Nemaha Central (3A)        53-11.5

Lance Blubaugh, Arkansas City (5A)            53-11

Niah Bruce, Andale (4A)                          53-10.5

Keegan Lott, Atchison Co Comm (2A)        53-05.5

Brett Schwartz, Santa Fe Trail (3A)             53-05.25

Drew Daniels, Andover Central (5A)          53-02.5

Jonas Vickers, Derby (6A)                        53-00

*Jamale Williams, Lansing (5A)                  52-08.5

Tyler Neis, Eudora (4A)                          52-06

Kevyan Stallings, Wichita NW (6A)            52-01.5

***Colter Oldham, Lakin (3A)                   51-11.5

Ian Rosales, Colby (3A)                           51-10

Carson Sander, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)       51-08.5

Korbin Black, Halstead (3A)                     51-06

Grady Bare, Hutchinson (6A)                    51-05.5

Israel Gracia Estrada, Olathe North (6A)     51-05

*Landon Boss, Osage City (3A)                 51-03

Mason Hysekell, Olathe North (6A)           51-01

Luke Hillman, Garden Plain (2A)                51-01

Beau Kerschen, Andale (4A)                     50-11.5

Maddox Moten, Shawnee Heights (5A)        50-10



Casey Helm, Madison (1A)                     214-01

   (#1 A-T KS HS)

Brett Schwartz, Santa Fe Trail (3A)           210-07

   (#4 A-T KS HS)

William Doolittle, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A) 191-02

Kenneth Huston, SM East (6A)                181-11

*Jordan Allen, Olathe South (6A)             180-10

*Grady Seyfert, Beloit (3A)                     178-04

Weston VanCamp, Cornerstone (x)         174-02

Zach Sulzen-Watson, Washburn Rural (6A) 172-10

Israel Gracia Estrada, Olathe North (6A)    169-05

Keegan Lott, Atchison Co Comm (2A)      168-01

***Colter Oldham, Lakin (3A)                 165-11

Lance Blubaugh, Arkansas City (5A)          165-08

*Jamale Williams, Lansing (5A)                 165-00

Isaac Schmitz, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)      163-09

Braylon Bittel, Plainville (2A)                   163-04

Korbin Black, Halstead (3A)                    162-07

Blake McCormick, Maize South (5A)         162-06

*Landon Boss, Osage City (3A)                161-09

Gabe Peterson, Blue Valley NW (6A)        161-00

Tyler Stuck, Hartford (1A)                     159-01

Caden Rhamy, Paola (4A)                       158-05

*Grayson Walburn, Hays (5A)                 157-06

Bo West, Kiowa County (1A)                 157-03

*Riley Marx, Andale (4A)                       156-11

Keghan McConnell, Junction City (6A)       156-03

Jack Bauer, Olathe South (6A)                 155-08

Austin Thiessen, Berean Academy (2A)      155-02

Luke Hillman, Garden Plain (2A)              154-06

Mason Melcher, Pratt (4A)                     154-05

Brett Gibbs, Clearwater (4A)                  154-05

Taveon Bell-Robinson, Olathe East (6A)     154-03

Connor Deters, Nemaha Central (3A)      153-06

Brooks Lowe, BV West (6A)                   153-01

Cason Richardson, Hesston (3A)              153-00

Matrix Eames, Caldwell (1A)                   153-00

HAMMER (12#)


Weston VanCamp, Cornerstone (x)         184-00

   (#2 A-T KS HS)

Brett Schwartz, Santa Fe Trail (3A)           181-04

   (#3 A-T KS HS)

*Jackson Kraus, Andale (4A)                   161-01

Beau Kerschen, Andale (4A)                   157-07

Jacob Creswell, Andale (4A)                   156-05

*Luke Hillman, Garden Plain (2A)             135-02



*Riley Marx, Andale (4A)                       209-09

   (=#16 A-T KS HS)

Henry Martin, BV North (6A)                 199-00

Brooks Lowe, BV West (6A)                   198-03

Brennan Walker, Beloit (3A)                   196-07

*Jonah Meyer, Andale (4A)                     191-02

Philip Doebele, Hanover (1A)                  188-00

Rylan Basart, Stockton (1A)                    187-00

Blake McCormick, Maize South (5A)         185-10

Will Tice, Garden Plain (2A)                   184-01

Lance Blubaugh, Arkansas City (5A)          183-00

*Landon Boss, Osage City (3A)                182-04

**Trace Hanchett, Phillipsburg (3A)          180-04

*Nathan Vincent, Louisburg (4A)              178-04

*Wyatt Hammond, Norton Comm (3A)    177-10

Tyler Kiser, Rose Hill (4A)                     176-10

Caden Hacker, Blue Valley SW (5A)         176-07

Carson Sander, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)     175-02

Cooper Taylor, Buhler (4A)                    175-00

Brian Lane, Free State (6A)                     174-06

**Kole Manley, Eudora (4A)                    174-02

Lakin Getz, Quinter (1A)                       174-00

*Owen Day, Trego Community (2A)         173-09

***Colter Oldham, Lakin (3A)                 173-02

*Conor Dunback, Eudora (4A)                172-11

*Rhett Williams, Marysville (3A)              172-10

Wyatt Waddell, Hays (5A)                     172-01

Rex Johnson, Ellis (2A)                          171-06

Baylor Thornton, Caney Valley (3A)          171-05

Dylan VanLaeys, Logan (1A)                    171-03

*Tyler Kiser, Rose Hill (4A)                    170-06

Nate Peak, Andover Central (5A)             170-01

*Blake Boydston, St James Academy (5A)   168-05

Dylan Barthol, Blue Valley NW (6A)         168-01

Brett Schwartz, Santa Fe Trail (3A)           167-09

Grant Thimmesch, Inman (2A)                167-09

**Dawson Kindler, Gardner-Edgerton (6A) 167-06


(HS implements)

Wheelchair 100m

**Micah Campbell, Bishop Carroll (5A)        17.72

*Jay Smith, Little River (1A)                      22.31

Loyale Massey, Valley Center (5A)             24.90

Wenxi Funk, Hillsboro (2A)                     26.31

Jade Link, Bishop Carroll (5A)                   26.95

Tanner Johnson, Valley Center (5A)           35.87

Wheelchair 400m

Micah Campbell, Bishop Carroll (5A)            1:06.24

Tucker Baalman, Hoxie (2A)                      1:17.83

Loyale Massey, Valley Center (5A)               1:33.55

Jade Link, Bishop Carroll (5A)                     1:37.81

Wenxi Funk, Hillsboro (2A)                       1:45.07

*Jay Smith, Little River (1A)                        1:47.17




*KaLiyah McGinnis, Olathe North (6A)       11.62

   (#5 A-T KS HS)

Denae McElrath, Wichita East (6A)            11.73

   (#10 A-T KS HS)

*****Aria Pearce, Wallace Co MS (x) (11.99+) 11.79w

Serenity Jackson, Wichita South (6A)          11.96

Lillian Harris, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)         11.99

Dhakiya Blake, Leavenworth (5A)              12.03

**Damiya Richards, Olathe East (6A)          12.04

***Hanna Pellant, Manhattan (6A)              12.09

Addi Heinson, Kiowa County (1A)             12.10

**Karynne David, Wichita Heights (6A)       12.12

Ta’Mijha Nichols, Shawnee Heights (5A)      12.13

Parker Jackson, Olathe West (6A)             12.17

Emajin McCallop, Bishop Miege (4A)           12.17

Brooke Hammond, Garden Plain (2A)         12.18

Kaylee James, Hodgeman County (1A)        12.27

***Michenainda Aritus, Olathe NW (6A)     12.30

*Corissa Bandel, McLouth (2A)                 12.31

*Nhubia Coney, Junction City (6A)             12.33

Alli Kneller, BV North (6A)                      12.33

Victoria Reed, Highland Park (5A)              12.35

Annalisa Cullens, Wellington (4A)              12.35

Caryn Yoder, Hesston (3A)                      12.37

Lily Urban, Bishop Carroll (5A)                 12.38

*Emma Lohse, Louisburg (4A)                   12.38

Harli Omli, Eisenhower (5A)                     12.42

Ja’Keyla Kane, SM Northwest (6A)             12.44

**Mckenzie Hayse, Lansing (5A)                 12.44

Trinity Oblinger, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)    12.46

**Kamdyn Wedel, DeSoto (5A)                 12.47

Mikayla Henry, KC Washington (5A)          12.47

Kya Edwards, Dodge City (6A)                  12.48

Nala Burns, Independence (4A)                 12.48

Sarah Schwartz, Hutchinson (6A)               12.50

Madison Williams, Clearwater (4A)            12.50

Betsy Reichenberger, Andale (4A)              12.50

Kyree Walker, Wichita SE (6A)                 12.51

*Savannah Harvey, Mill Valley (5A)             12.51

Ashley Singhateh, Eureka (3A)                   12.51

Mackenzie Buyno, Wichita Heights (6A)      12.52

A’luel Miller, KC Harmon (6A)                  12.52

Jayla McCloud, McPherson (4A)                 12.52

Breanne Peters, Smoky Valley (3A)             12.53


Ta’Mijha Nichols, Shawnee Heights (5A)      12.2h

Grace McCallop, Bishop Miege (4A)           12.2h

A’luel Miller, KC Harmon (6A)                  12.3h

Maya Pattison, Eudora (4A)                      12.3h

Jolie Hielscher, Lyndon (2A)                     12.4h

Leah White, Eudora (4A)                         12.5h



*KaLiyah McGinnis, Olathe North (6A)       24.44

   (#13 A-T KS HS)

Serenity Jackson, Wichita South (6A)          24.61

   (#18 A-T KS HS)

*****Aria Pearce. Wallace Co MS (x)             24.64+

Kennedi Cline, Olathe West (6A)              25.04

Denae McElrath, Wichita East (6A)            25.08

Lillian Harris, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)         25.23

Dhakiya Blake, Leavenworth (5A)               25.31

***Hanna Pellant, Manhattan (6A)              25.43

Addi Heinson, Kiowa County (1A)             25.57

Jayla McCloud, McPherson (4A)                 25.60

**McKenzie Hayse, Lansing (5A)                25.62

Maddie Schrandt, Andale (4A)                   25.66

Ta’Mijha Michols, Shawnee Heights (6A)      25.78

Makenzie Block, Eisenhower (5A)              25.79

*Emma Lohse, Louisburg (4A)                   25.79

**Karynne David, Wichita Heights (6A)       25.80

**Damiya Richards, Olathe East (6A)          25.80

Lily Urban, Bishop Carroll (5A)                 25.82

*Gili Johnson, Manhattan (6A)                   25.85

***Avery Dawson, BV West (6A)               25.86

Kylie McCleary, KC Sumner (5A)               25.88

*Taylor Rottinghaus, Shawnee Heights (5A)  25.90

**Elle Denning, Salina Central (5A)             25.97

Deslyne Cooper, Wichita NW (6A)           25.98

Delaney Wright, Louisburg (4A)                25.98

Alli Kneller, BV North (6A)                      25.99

Betsy Reichenberger, Andale (4A)              26.00

Kamdyn Wedel, DeSoto (5A)                   26.02

Aydan Beck, Blue Valley-OP (6A)               26.03

Maya Pattison, Eudora (4A)                      26.10

Brenna Schwada, Lawrence (6A)                26.12

***Grace McCallop, Bishop Miege (4A)       26.13

Kaylee James, Hodgeman County (1A)        26.13

Maddi Amekporfor, Andover Central (5A)   26.15

**Rachel VanGorp, Heritage Christian (3A)  26.15

Samantha Klotz, Royal Valley (3A)              26.16

Brooke Hammond, Garden Plain (2A)         26.17+

Ja’Keyla Kane, SM Northwest (6A)             26.19

Maddie Schrandt, Andale (4A)                   26.19


Karynne David, Wichita Heights (6A)          26.1h

Victoria Reed, Highland Park (5A)              26.5h

Lillian Harris, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)         26.7h

Nichols, Shawnee Heights (5A)                 27.1h

*Taylor Rottinghaus, Shawnee Heights (5A)  27.2h

Abby Bachman, Eisenhower (5A)               27.2h

Josey Harris, St Paul (1A)                         27.2h



Abby Rose, Smoky Valley (3A)                  56.60

Kennedi Cline, Olathe West (6A)              57.36

*Chesney Peterson, Stanton County (2A)    57.52

Serenity Jackson, Wichita South (6A)          57.65

***Delia Gregory, BV North (6A)              57.77

Dhakiya Blake, Leavenworth (5A)     (58.50) 57.98i                                                                               

   (PR 55.60, #13 A-T KS HS, 2019)

*Taylor Rottinghaus, Shawnee Heights (5A) 58.18

*Gili Johnson, Manhattan (6A)                   58.21

**Victoria Reed, Highland Park (5A)           58.22

BreAna Garrett-Tillemans, Campus (6A)     58.58

Harli Omli, Eisenhower (5A)                     58.62

**Karynne David, Wichta Heights (6A)        58.67

*Maddie Schrandt, Andale (4A)                  58.69

Ella Mackiewicz, SM Northwest (6A)          58.83

Maddie Schrandt, Andale (4A)                   58.86

***Audrey Brown, BV North (6A)              58.88

***Brynn Lewis, Olathe NW (6A)              58.90

***Avery Dawson, BV West (6A)               58.91

*Heather Schemper, Phillipsburg (3A)         58.99

Elle Denning, Salina Central (5A)               59.15

Addi Heinson, Kiowa County (1A)             59.16

***Piper Hula, Derby (6A)                        59.22

Destiny Lassiter, Olathe West (6A)            59.25

Bryn McNair, Chase County (2A)              59.34

**Rachel VanGorp, Heritage Christian (3A)  59.49

*Nhubia Coney, Junction City (6A)             59.52

Lily Conrad, Collegiate-W (3A)                 59.78

**Jaquelyn Perez-Vela, KC Wyandotte (6A)  59.86

**Hailey Nordhus, Nemaha Central (3A)     59.89

Madyson Schreibvogel, Holcomb (3A)         59.89

Delaney Wright, Louisburg (4A)                59.93

Victoria Reed, Highland Park (5A)              59.98

Payton Wurtz, Wabaunsee (2A)                59.98



*Chesney Peterson, Stanton County (2A)      2:10.78

   (#4 A-T KS HS)

*Bethany Druse, Seaman (5A)                     2:15.19

Grace Meyer, SM East (6A)                        2:15.94

Olivia Bakker, BV West (6A)                      2:16.01

Lydia McGlocklin, Olathe NW (6A)             2:16.10

Vienna Lahner, Spring Hill (5A)                   2:16.25

*Charis Robinson, Olathe West (6A)            2:16.45

***Charlotte Caldwell, Mill Valley (5A)          2:16.51

Gracie Lambert, Smoky Valley (3A)              2:16.61

Zoie Ecord, Maize (5A)                             2:16.79

Hayley Trotter, Clearwater (4A)                 2:16.81

Chloee Belgum, SM North (6A)                  2:17.75

*Paige Mullen, SM Northwest (6A)               2:18.17

**Bree Newport, Olathe West (6A)             2:18.85

Whitney Post, Olathe East (6A)                   2:18.98

**Elyssa Frieze, Chapman (4A)                    2:19.27

Jentrie Alderson, SE of Saline (3A)               2:19.38

Kelsey Bruening, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)      2:19.79

**Kate Miller, Olathe West (6A)                 2:19.90

BreAna Garrett-Tillemans, Campus (6A)       2:20.48

Elle Williams, Doniphan West (1A)              2:20.61

***Brooke Bundt, DeSoto (5A)                   2:21.09

***Isabella Ross, Blue Valley SW (5A)           2:21.17

*Hannah Gibson, SM South (6A)                  2:21.28

*Grace Hanson, KC Piper (5A)                   2:21.36

***Annie Wilken, St James Academy (5A)      2:21.54

Sydney Anderson, Andover (5A)                 2:22.07

***Brynn Lewis, Olathe NW (6A)                2:22.15

*Paige Baker, Olathe West (6A)                  2:22.42

Tayler Williams, Blue Valley NW (6A)          2:22.44

**Katelynn Blasesing, St James Academy (5A)  2:22.56

Grace Cramblett, SM Northwest (6A)          2:22.88

Kaleigh O’Brien, Remingtn (2A)                  2:23.03

Faith Ekart, Sterling (2A)                           2:23.14

Tori Wingrove, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            2:23.50

1,500 METERS

(4:21.72+)  (*Enroute to 1-Mile)

Zoie Ecord, Maize (5A)                             4:55.06i

1,600 METERS

(4:38.28/4:54.93)  (*Enroute to 1-Mile)

 (y = 1-Mile minus 1.7 seconds)

*Chesney Peterson, Stanton County (2A)      4:54.74

   (#13 A-T KS HS)

Olivia Bakker, BV West (6A)                      4:56.82

   (#20 A-T KS HS)

Jentrie Alderson, SE of Saline (3A)               4:58.34

Grace Meyer, SM East (6A)                        4:58.45

*Paige Mullen, SM Northwest (6A)               5:01.54

Kaylee Tobaben, Olathe North (6A)            5:05.52

Zoie Ecord, Maize (5A)                             5:05.83

*Hannah Gibson, SM South (6A)                  5:07.24

**Elyssa Frieze, Chapman (4A)                    5:07.55

Tori Wingrove, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            5:08.11

***Charlotte Caldwell, Mill Valley (5A)          5:09.06

Charis Robinson, Olathe West (6A)             5:10.31

*Grace Hanson, KC Piper (5A)                   5:10.37

**Kate Miller, Olathe West (6A)                 5:11.47

Hope Jackson, Bishop Carroll (5A)               5:11.68

Cecilia Fisher, Blue Valley NW (6A)             5:11.77

Hayley Trotter, Clearwater (4A)                 5:12.11

***Katelyn Rupe, Salina Central (5A)            5:12.16

Vienna Lahner, Spring Hill (5A)                   5:12.42

***Hanna Keltner, Eudora (4A)                   5:15.18

***Bree Allen, Prairie View (3A)                  5:15.22

Katie Schwartzkopf, Mill Valley (5A)             5:16.88

Lydia McGlocklin, Olathe NW (6A)             5:16.99

Addie Curtis, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)          5:17.97

Whitney Post, Olathe East (6A)                  5:19.69

***Charlotte Caldwell, Mill Valley (5A)          5:19.72

**Kalyn Willingham, Olathe Wesst (6A)        5:19.94

***Isabella Ross, BV Southwest (5A)             5:20.05

*Paige Baker, Olathe West (6A)                  5:20.15

Kelsey Bruening, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)      5:21.30

1A: Madison Sutterfield, Meade (1A)            5:24.26



Jantrie Alderson, SE of Saline (3A)               5:03.76i

Zoie Ecord, Maize (5A)                             5:28.47i

Cecilia Fisher, Blue Valley NW (6A)             5:32.83i

***Isabella Ross, Blue Valley SW (5A)           5:35.51i

***Anjali Hocker Singh, Olathe North (6A)         

   (PR 4:58.95, #13 A-T KS HS, 2021)

3,000 METERS


Jantrie Alderson, SE of Saline (3A)              10:24.68i

Paige Mullen, SM Northwest (6A)              10:37.92i

**Katie Kazen, Derby (6A)                       11:20.21i

*Madi Russell, Ellis (2A)                           11:22.10i

***Isabella Ross, Blue Valley SW (5A)         11:44.85i

3,200 METERS


(y = 2-miles minus 3.4 sec)

*Chesney Peterson, Stanton County (2A)    10:45.05

   (#19 A-T KS HS)

Tori Wingrove, Blue Valley-OP (6A)           10:52.54

Cecilia Fisher, Blue Valley NW (6A)           10:53.66

*Hannah Gibson, SM South (6A)                10:54.73

Kaylee Tobaben, Olathe North (6A)           10:54.84

***Katelyn Rupe, Salina Central (5A)          10:55.45

*Paige Mullen, SM Northwest (6A)             10:58.53

Grace Meyer, SM East (6A)                      11:06.58

Jentrie Alderson, SE of Saline (3A)              11:07.93

Vienna Lahner, Spring Hill (5A)                  11:08.20

Olivia Bakker, BV West (6A)                    11:09.83

Payton Wurtz, Wabaunsee (2A)                11:19.29

Alexis Liess, Blue Valley NW (6A)              11:21.62

** Padgett, SM East (6A)                          11:21.95

Katie Schwartzkopf, Mill Valley (5A)           11:23.92

Hope Jackson, Bishop Carroll (5A)             11:28.33

Hanna Keltner, Eudora (4A)                     11:28.86

Amy Gotfredson, Olathe South (6A)           11:29.75

**Kate Miller, Olathe West (6A)                11:31.15

Charis Robinson, Olathe West (6A)           11:31.98

Josie Tyrrell, SM North (6A)                     11:32.33

***Bree Allen, Prairie View (3A)                11:33.74

Emily Vandaveer, Olathe South (6A)           11:34.86

*Grace Hanson, KC Piper (5A)                 11:34.91

**Bree Newport, Olathe West (6A)           11:35.21

Payton Fink, Washburn Rural (6A)             11:37.61

*Madeline Carter. Washburn Rural (6A)      11:38.17

Kalyn Willingham, Olathe West (6A)          11:38.55

Addie Curtis, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)        11:40.16

Abby Allen, Blue Valley NW (6A)              11:41.10

***Charlotte Caldwell, Mill Valley (5A)        11:41.28

Brooke Martin, Bishop Carroll (5A)            11:42.50

1A: *Madison Sutterfield, Meade (1A)         11:49.99

**Anjali Hocker Singh, Olathe North (6A)          

   (PR 10:33.91, #8 A-T KS HS, 2021)



*Annalisa Cullens, Wellington (4A)             14.31w

   (#13 A-T KS HS)

Quincy Hubert, Mill Valley (5A)                 14.49

**Olivia Cooper, Olathe NW (6A)             14.56

Kaylee James, Hodgeman County (1A)        14.69

Cali Kerschen, Andale (4A)                      14.78

**McKinlee Walker, Andover (5A)             14.85

**Makenzie Premer, Great Bend (5A)         14.94

Adryanna Shelby, Wichita NW (6A)           15.01

**Carlie Carlgren, Concordia (4A)             15.20

Kennadie Jinkins, Wichita East (6A)            15.24

*Caylin Seely, Buhler (4A)                        15.25

***Madison Williams, Clearwater (4A)        15.29

Ashley Singhateh, Eureka (3A)                   15.30

Jada Pippins, Olathe South (6A)                 15.31

Kylin Rudzik, Meade (1A)                         15.36

**Piper Camp, Andale (4A)                      15.39

**Alyssa Edgington, Lakin (3A)                  15.40

*Ceegan Atkins, Hanover (1A)                  15.42

**Taylin Stallbaumer, Seaman (5A)             15.47

Landrea Sears, Sedan (2A)                        15.47

*Jenna Knight, Bonner Springs (5A)            15.51

Makenzie Block, Eisenhower (5A)              15.53

*Maude Kilmer, SM South (6A)                  15.55

Anna Eldridge, Valley Center (5A)              15.55

***Kenzy McArtor, Clearwater (4A)           15.59

*Maddie Pitzer, Paola (4A)                       15.60

Olivia Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)              15.63

Amauri Blake, Olathe East (6A)                 15.64

Harper Smith, McPherson (4A)                 15.65

Maddie Baker, Prairie View (3A)                15.65

Kristin Roth, Garden City (6A)                 15.77

Tess Roman, SM East (6A)                       15.77

Berkley Roberson, Newton (5A)               15.79

**Lily Brown, St Mary’s-Colgan (2A)           15.79

Janae Mckelvy, KC Sumner Academy (5A)    15.82

**Saniya Triplett, Salina Central (5A)          15.87

Kylie Stapleton, South Gray (1A)               15.88

Emma Barthololmew, Blue Valley NW (6A)  15.89


Annalisa Cullens, Wellington (4A)              15.0h

Stella Whalen, Eudora (4A)                      15.4h

Kaiya Key, Bishop Miege (4A)                   15.7h

Cali Honeyman, Nemaha Central (3A)        16.5h

Makenna Longacre, Eudora (4A)                16.6h

**Madilyn Heflin, Inman (2A)                    16.6h



Quincy Hubert, Mill Valley (5A)                 44.83

Olivia Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)              45.31

**Makenzie Premer, Great Bend (5A)         45.42

*Evan Nordhus, Bishop Carroll (5A)           45.70

Adryanna Shelby, Wichita NW (6A)           45.91

Kaylee James, Hodgeman County (1A)        46.21

Kennadie Jinkins, Wichita East (6A)            46.51

***Madison Williams, Clearwater (4A)        46.67

*Caylin Seely, Buhler (4A)                        46.71

Makenzie Block, Eisenhower (5A)              46.72

Landrea Sears, Sedan (2A)                        46.75

*Ceegan Atkins, Hanover (1A)                  46.77

****Katalina Chan, KC Christian (2A)         46.79

Jaelyn Rumback, Norton Community (3A)    46.81

Saniya Triplett, Salina Central (5A)             47.00

Brittany Hawshaw, Andover Central (5A)    47.12

**Mersadie Spray, Great Bend (5A)            47.19

***Kensy McArtor, Clearwater (4A)           47.21

**Piper Camp, Andale (4A)                      47.25

Addison Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)           47.30

Sophia Gimino, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)      47.34

Kylin Rudzik, Meade (1A)                         47.48

Ashley Singhateh, Eureka (3A)                   47.49

Mia Staley, St James Academy (5A)             47.66

*Jenna Knight, Bonner Springs (5A)            47.68

Margarette Salsbury, Maize (5A)                47.70

Chloe Igo, Derby (6A)                            47.72

**Emma Bartholomew, Blue Valley NW (6A) 47.73

Brynn McCormick, Cheney (3A)                47.74

Abigail White, Pretty Praire (1A)               47.82

*Lindsey Cure, Goodland (3A)                  47.87

*Brooke Williams, SM West (6A)              47.88

Clarysa Webber, Sublette (2A)                  47.88

*Marrah Spriggs, Free State (6A)                47.89

Cali Kerschen, Andale (4A)                      48.03

Addy Goeckel, Washington County (1A)     48.04

Brittany Salsbury, Maize (5A)                    48.09

*Mayiee Bell, Derby (6A)                         48.12

**Amanda Jaeger, Colby (3A)                    48.12

**Olivia Cooper, Olathe NW (6A)             48.13

**Hope Crabtree, West Franklin (3A)         48.15

Katalina Chan, KC Christian (2A)              48.15



*                                                         1

2,000 M STEEPLECHASE                


*Montana Ohmart, Columbus (3A)              8:00.32

Madeline Hermann, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)  8:20.60

Ella Porter, Kapaum-Mt Carmel (5A)            8:20.65

Micah Shefy Harris, Emporia (5A)                8:21.30

*Phoebe Fletcher, Eudora (4A)                   8:24.93

Jana Landreth, Baldwin (4A)                       8:27.90

4×100 M RELAY


Olathe West (6A)                                  48.06

Olathe North (6A)                                 48.31

BV North (6A)                                      48.67

SM North (6A)                                      49.20

Andale (4A)                                         49.40

SM South (6A)                                      49.50

SM Northwest (6A)                                49.54

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               49.56

Wichita East (6A)                                  49.62

Eudora (4A)                                         49.69

Manhattan (6A)                                     49.85

Olathe NW (6A)                                   49.88

Olathe East (6A)                                    49.89

Cheney (3A)                                         49.94

Salina Central (5A)                                 49.96

Valley Center (4A)                                 49.96

Phillipsburg (3A)                                    50.02

Eisenhower (5A)                                   50.06

Wellington (4A)                                    50.09

Hesston (3A)                                        50.14

Wichita NW (6A)                                  50.18

Marysville (3A)                                      50.22

Great Bend (5A)                                    50.26

Wichita Heights (6A)                              50.28

Hoisington (3A)                                    50.35

SM West (6A)                                      50.36

Leavenworth (5A)                                  50.37

Spring Hill (5A)                                     50.41

Riverton (3A)                                       50.43

Shawnee Heights (5A)                             50.49

St James Academy (5A)                           50.50

McPherson (4A)                                    50.50

Eureka (3A)                                          50.51

Garden Plain (2A)                                  50.52

Hanover (1A)                                       50.55

Olathe South (6A)                                 50.57

KC Sumner (5A)                                   50.58

Junction City (6A)                                  50.66

Paola (4A)                                            50.66

Lawrence (6A)                                      50.69

Nemaha Central (3A)                             50.71

Mill Valley (5A)                                     50.73

Dodge City (6A)                                    50.77

TMP-Marian (3A)                                   50.77

4×200 M RELAY 


BV North (6A)                                       1:46.81

Wichita East (6A)                                    1:48.94

Riverton (3A)                                         1:49.40

Wichita Heights (6A)                               1:49.78

BV West (6A)                                        1:50.59

4×400 M RELAY


Olathe West (6A)                                   3:58.36

BV North (6A)                                       4:01.01

Great Bend (5A)                                     4:01.60

SM Northwest (6A)                                 4:02.06

Phillipsburg (3A)                                      4:03.50

Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)                            4:03.58

Smoky Valley (3A)                                   4:04.12

Andale (4A)                                           4:04.98

St James Academy (5A)                             4:05.10

Mill Valley (5A)                                       4:05.24

Olathe NW (6A)                                     4:05.36

BV West (6A)                                        4:05.80

SM West (6A)                                        4:06.79

Eisenhower (5A)                                     4:06.88

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                 4:07.11

Derby (6A)                                            4:07.39

Olathe South (6A)                                   4:08.21

Salina Central (5A)                                  4:08.32

Lawrence (6A)                                        4:08.73

Stanton County (2A)                                4:08.88

DeSoto (5A)                                          4:08.99

Andover (5A)                                         4:09.14

Colby (3A)                                            4:09.47

Abilene (4A)                                          4:09.56

Hanover (1A)                                         4:09.61

Olathe North (6A)                                  4:09.77

Manhattan (6A)                                       4:10.06

Chase County (2A)                                  4:10.24

McPherson (4A)                                      4:10.26

Clearwater (4A)                                      4:10.32

Nemaha Central (3A)                               4:10.40

St Marys-Colgan (2A)                               4:10.87

Cheney (3A)                                          4:11.38

Olathe East (6A)                                     4:11.65

Rock Creek (4A)                                     4:11.66

Marysville (3A)                                       4:11.67

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                           4:11.70

Maize (5A)                                             4:11.83

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 4:11.89

4×800 M RELAY


[y = 4×880 minus 2.8 sec]

Olathe West (6A)                                   9:17.40

   (#1 A-T KS HS)

SM North (6A)                                       9:33.01

Blue Valley NW (6A)                                9:34.88

Olathe NW (6A)                                     9:39.32

Olathe East (6A)                                     9:43.18

Olathe South (6A)                                   9:46.65

DeSoto (5A)                                          9:52.32

SM Northwest (6A)                                 9:52.79

Eudora (4A)                                           9:54.07

Smoky Valley (3A)                                   9:54.23

Spring Hill (5A)                                       9:54.97

Derby (6A)                                            9:56.55

Andover (5A)                                         9:57.80

Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)                          10:00.35

St James Academy (5A)                           10:01.20

Washburn Rural (6A)                             10:01.22

Lawrence (6A)                                      10:02.17

North (6A)                                          10:04.86

Baldwin (4A)                                        10:05.00

St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)                          10:06.55

Manhattan (6A)                                     10:07.32

Free State (6A)                                     10:07.56

Great Bend (5A)                                    10:10.30

Bishop Carroll (5A)                                10:12.07

Remington (2A)                                     10:13.43

SM South (6A)                                      10:13.90

Seaman (5A)                                         10:15.25

Junction City (6A)                                  10:16.28

Scott Community (3A)                            10:16.40

Colby (3A)                                           10:16.48

Sabetha (3A)                                        10:16.59

Liberal (6A)                                          10:17.83

Berean Academy (2A)                             10:18.79

BV North (6A)                                      10:19.48

Mill Valley (5A)                                     10:19.52

Abilene (4A)                                         10:19.59

Kingman (3A)                                       10:19.72

SM East (6A)                                        10:19.82

1A: Meade (1A)                                     10:23.45

4×1600 M RELAY

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               23:07.58

DeSoto (5A)                                        23:48.33

Olathe West (6A)                                  24:00.66

Cheney (3A)                                         25:17.01

Dodge City (6A)                                    25:35.65


DeSoto (5A)                                          1:58.19

Wichita NW (6A)                                   1:59.3h

Dodge City (6A)                                     2:01.30

Topeka (6A)                                          2:01.77

Great Bend (5A)                                     2:02.5h

Wichita East (6A)                                    2:02.9h


BV West (6A)                                        4:15.34

Olathe West (6A)                                   4:16.41

Olathe East (6A)                                     4:18.67

SM Northwest (6A)                                 4:25.60

Olathe NW (6A)                                     4:26.09


[y = 2.5-mile medley minus 4.0 seconds]

Olathe West (6A)                                  12:20.99

   (#1 A-T KS HS)

SM Northwest (6A)                                13:00.80

Olathe North (6A)                                 13:01.73

BV Northwest (6A)                                13:08.31

BV West (6A)                                       13:15.36

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                               13:15.46


Andale (4A)                                           1:10.35

Great Bend (5A)                                     1:11.84

Blue Valley-OP (6A)                                 1:12.63

Abilene (4A)                                          1:12.99

SM South (6A)                                        1:13.95



Adison Manville, Jeff County North (2A)       5-08.5

Mattelyn Swartz, Chaparral (3A)                 5-08

Bryn McNair, Chase County (2A)                5-07

*Mykayla Cunningham, Salina Central (5A)     5-06

Ava Jones, Nickerson (3A)                         5-06

*****Alivah Ball, Grinnell MS (x)                    5-06

Brittany Harshaw, Andover Central (5A)       5-05

*Taryn St. Clair, Wichita North (6A)            5-04

***Michenainda Aritus, Olathe NW (6A)       5-04

Ashlyn Alloway, Olathe North (6A)             5-04

Tess Roman, SM East (6A)                         5-04

Akeir Scales, Wichita East (6A)                   5-04

Jordyn Anderson, BV West (6A)                 5-04

*Reese Hulcher, Free State (6A)                  5-04

*Kaitlyn Otroszko, Olathe South (6A)          5-04

**Christina Mount, Bishop Carroll (5A)         5-04

Makinsey Jones, Topeka West (5A)              5-04

*Valerie Luna, Great Bend (5A)                   5-04

**Mersadie Spray, Great Bend (5A)              5-04

Brittany Harshaw, Andover Central (5A)       5-04

Janae Montoya, Salina Central (5A)              5-04

Lexi Horsch, Andale (4A)                          5-04

*Sydnee Whitaker, Santa Fe Trail (3A)          5-04

**Makenna Sloop, Nemaha Central (3A)        5-04

Bethany Umbarger, Cherryvale (3A)             5-04

Brooklyn Ptacek, Eureka (3A)                     5-04

**Lily Brown, St Marys-Colgan (2A)             5-04

Ella Burnett, Erie (2A)                               5-04

Vi Helm South Gray (1A)                          5-04

Trinity Windle, Hartford (1A)                     5-04

Piper Barney, Marmaton Valley (1A)             5-04

***Sophia Thompson, St John’s-Beloit (1A)     5-04

Daelyn Winters, Burlingame (1A)                5-04



Isabella Evans, Free State (6A)                    12-00

Kaitlin Lindstrom, KC Piper (5A)               11-08

Reece Baker, Lansing (5A)                        11-06

Annabeth Baalmann, Andale (4A)               11-06

*Kaira Mannio, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)       11-03

**Ainsley Hileman, Blue Valley-OP (6A)       11-00

*Libby Strathman, Mill Valley (5A)              11-00

**Makenna Payne, Mill Valley (5A)              11-00

*Claire Rowland, Andale (4A)                   11-00

**Shellamae Farmer, Hoisington (3A)          11-00

Tamara Lozoya, Attica (1A)                      10-09

Reagan Housely, Andover Central (5A)       10-07

Ashley Mai, Free State (6A)                      10-06

Tori Neighbour, SM Northwest (6A)          10-06

Sky Stannard, SM South (6A)                    10-06

Rylee Ford, BV West (6A)                       10-06

Ella Merrill, BV West (6A)                        10-06

**Ava Fleetwood, Mill Valley (5A)              10-06

Anna Hogeland, Salina Central (5A)            10-06

Mary Meyer, Andale (4A)                         10-06

**Breanne Peters, Smoky Valley (3A)          10-06

Kloie Simons, Douglass (3A)                     10-06

Nakaela O’Hair, Elkhart (2A)                    10-06

Alyssa Chapman, Eudora (4A)                   10-02

Ella Merrill, BV West (6A)                        10-00

Alyssa Huffmaster, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)   10-00

Bethany Hicklin, Salina South (5A)              10-00

**JoJo Cutler, Andale (4A)                       10-00

Piper Robinson, Holton (4A)                    10-00

**Maddy Carpenter-Ross, Louisburg (4A)    10-00

Ava Jones, Nickerson (3A)                       10-00

*Kennedy Jarnagin, Cimarron (3A)             10-00

Alivia Noll, Scott Community (3A)             10-00

***Noelle Peters, Smoky Valley (3A)           10-00

Sophie Dugger, Berean Academy (2A)         10-00

Suzanne Farnham, Stanton County (2A)       10-00



Sarah Schwartz, Hutchinson (6A)               19-01

*****Aria Pearce, Wallace Co MS (x)             18-08

Olivia Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)              18-07

***Ella Capling, DeSoto (5A)                     18-05.5

**Rachel VanGorp, Heritage Christian (3A)  18-05.5

*Maggie Kauk, Paola (4A)                         18-03

Kate Roth, Mill Valley (5A)                       18-02

***Michenainda Aritus, Olathe NW (6A)     18-01.75

Delaney Wright, Louisburg (4A)                18-01.5

***Hanna Pellant, Manhattan (6A)              17-11.5

Brenna Schwada, Lawrence (6A)                17-11.5

Brandi Gardner, Leavenworth (5A)            17-11.25

**Azariah Dawes, Hutchinson (6A)             17-11

*Gili Johnson, Manhattan (6A)                   17-11

Margarette Salsbury, Maize (5A)                17-10

Saniya Simmons, Olathe North (6A)           17-09.5

Jada Pippins, Olathe South (6A)                 17-09.5

Jadyn Befort, St Thomas-Aquinas (5A)         17-09

*Landry Zoeller, Blue Valley-Randolph (1A)  17-09

Tess Roman, SM East (6A)                       17-08

*Tiana Simmons, Blue Valley-OP (6A)         17.07

Macy Hammerschmidt, Victoria (1A)          17-07

***Lauren Welch, Mill Valley (5A)              17-06.75

Taniaya Allen, SM Northwest (6A)             17-06.5

Ali Zeka, Wellington (4A)                        17-06.5

*Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman (4A)              17-05.75

*Ella Shafer, BV North (6A)                      17-05.5

*Kaiya Key, Bishop Miege (4A)                  17-05.5

Nala Burns, Independence (4A)                 17-05.5

**Breanne Peters, Smoky Valley (3A)          17-05.5

Jayme Hagerman, Larned (3A)                   17-05.5

Lauren Schutter, Wabaunsee (2A)              17-05

A’luel Miller, KC Harmon (6A)                  17-04.5

Rylan Syring, Derby (6A)                         17-04

Lilian McGrath, Hays (5A)                        17-04



*Gili Johnson, Manhattan (6A)                   39-09.5

   (#14 A-T KS HS)

Olivia Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)              39-03

Jacee Wilson, Cimarron (3A)                    38-06.75

**Emery Keebaugh, Ottawa (4A)               38-00

Lauren Schutter, Wabaunsee (2A)              37-05.75

*Maya Kirkpatrick, Chapman (4A)              37-04.5

Hayley Loewen, Newton (5A)                   37-01

*Landry Zoeller, Blue Valley-Randolph (1A)  37-01

**Lily Brown, St Marys-Colgan (2A)            37-00.5

Gianna Cooper, Lawrence (6A)                 36-10

Jayme Hagerman, Larned (3A)                   36-09.5

*Alaycia Harris, Pittsburg (5A)                  36-08

Iniya Hinman, Parsons (4A)                      36-08

Isabelle Cullens, Wellington (4A)               36-07.75

*Maggie Kauk, Paola (4A)                         36-07

*Kanyon Olberding, Jackson Heights (2A)    36-06

Tess Roman, SM East (6A)                       36-05

Addison Pixton, SM Northwest (6A)           36-05

Abby Osborn, Cimarron (3A)                   36-04.5

****Jessa Losew (Central Christian (8th Gr)       36-04

Kristin Roth, Garden City (6A)                 36-02.25

** Curtis, SM North (6A)                         36-01

*Breanna Rath, Golden Plains (1A)             36-00.5

*Mary Cronin, SM East (6A)                     36-00

Kaibryn Kruger, Silver Lake (3A)                36-00

Lily Judd, West Franklin (3A)                    35-11.5

Ella Shafer, BV North (6A)                       35-11

***Ella Capling, DeSoto (5A)                     35-11

Alaycia Harris, Pittsburg (5A)                    35-11

Kenzy McArtor, Clearwater (4A)               35-10.75

*Tiana Simmons, Blue Valley-OP (6A)         35-10.5

Kinley Smith, Girard (3A)                        35-10

**Grace Rowland, Andale (4A)                  35-09.5

Carlie Martin, Meade (1A)                        35-09.25

Mellany Roenne, Jefferson West (3A)          35-08.75

Sophie Smith, Garden Plain (2A)                35-08.25

Tymaya Jones, Blue Valley-OP (6A)            35-07.5

Ally Richards, Ell-Saline (2A)                     35-07.5

*Jayme Hagerman, Larned (3A)                 35-07.25



Liberty Booker, Oakley (2A)                     44-11.25

Emma Yungberg, Valley Heights (2A)          43-01.5

***Tatum Seyfert, Beloit (3A)                   42-07.75

**Aarion Pickens, Leavenworth (5A)           41-09

Abby Singhateh, Eureka (3A)                     41-08

Briar Gillum, Rossville (3A)                      41-07.75

*Adrienne Locke-Garcia, Olathe NW (6A)   41-05

Teuila Ilalio, Manhattan (6A)                     41-05

*Mckenzie Fairchild, Andale (4A)               41-03.75

Kirsten Womack, SM South (6A)               40-10.25

Ja’Asia Stafford, Wallace County (1A)         40-05

**Elisa Grosdidier, Blue Valley NW (6A)      40-00

Adriel Holloway, NE Ks Saints (x)              39-08.5

Jaci Carter, Beloit (3A)                            39-08

Mykala Mullins, Lansing (5A)                     39-03.25

Madi Dubois, Norton Community (3A)       39-02

Addie Cline, Olathe West (6A)                 39-00.5

Tomi Gall, Dighton (1A)                          39-00.5

Olivia Cullen, Girard (3A)                        38-11

Abby Micek, Rawlins County (1A)              38-10

Emma Rudman, Plainville (2A)                   38-08

Cami Dalinghaus, Nemaha Central (3A)       38-06

Bree Horyna, Liberal (6A)                        38-05.5

Tailynn Buettgenbach, McPherson (4A)        38-04.5

Emree Zars, Mill Valley (5A)                     38-03.5

*Aliyah Sinn, Hanover (1A)                       38-03.25

Kenzie Jackson, NE Arma (2A)                  38-03

Brooklyn Jones, Colby (3A)                      38-02.5

**Jade Meade, Paola (4A)                         38-02.25

**Kena Leonard, Paola (4A)                      38-02

*Madi Denison, Minneola (1A)                  38-02



Kirsten Womack, SM South (6A)             146-07

**Kendall Yarnell, Olathe NW (6A)          136-02

Emma Yungberg, Valley Heights (2A)         135-03

*Brenna Lynn, Basehor-Linwood (5A)        133-07

***Tatum Seyfert, Beloit (3A)                  133-02

*Mariyah Noel, Bonner Springs (5A)         132-09

*Kaelyn Means, Stockton (1A)                 132-08

*Mckenzie Fairchild, Andale (4A)              132-04

*Toree Slavik, Thunder Ridge (1A)           132-04

Briar Gillum, Rossville (3A)                     132-03

Maddy Vermetten, Valley Heights (2A)      130-02

Emma Rudman, Plainville (2A)                 130-00

**Addie Cline, Olathe West (6A)             127-07

*Kristen Stover, Neodesha (3A)               127-04

Corinna McMullen, Louisburg (4A)           127-03

***Margo Todd, Spring Hill (5A)              126-01

Kaelyn Means, Stockton (1A)                  126-00

Abby Reif, Plainville (2A)                        125-06

Naomi Dooley, Garden Plain (2A)            124-09

Kieran Burke, Maize South (5A)               124-02

**Raegen Petersen, Washburn Rural (6A)   124-01

Emery May, Andale (4A)                        123-03

**Abigail Gruber, Manhattan (6A)             123-00

Kieran Burke, Maize South (5A)               122-10

Katie Ott, Lebo (1A)                             122-10

Emma Slade, Mission Valley (2A)              122-06

**Aunisty McNeal, Salina South (5A)         121-11

Olivia Cullen, Girard (3A)                      121-04

*Darcee Ashcraft, Holton (4A)                121-03

***Lexi Boss, Osage City (3A)                 120-10

EMree Zars, Mill Valley (5A)                   120-09

Halle Scoby, Sabetha (3A)                      120-06

Abby Singhateh, Eureka (3A)                   120-05

**Dawson Cochren, Jackson Heights (2A)  120-05

Anna Domann, Seaman (5A)                   120-04



Adriel Holloway, NE KS Saints (x)            137-01

   (#4 A-T KS HS)

**Piper Camp, Andale (4A)                     119-08

   (=#10 A-T KS HS)

**Emma Lubbers, Andale (4A)                   94-09

*Mckenzie Fairchild, Andale (4A)               94-05

Emily Struckman, Andale (4A)                   82-04

Millie Dressler, Cornerstone (x)                80-02

Briar Gillum, Rossville (3A)                            

   (PR 126-07, #5 A-T KS HS, 2021)



*Mckenzie Fairchild, Andale (4A)              169-04

   (#5 A-T KS HS)

*Brenna Lynn, Basehor-Linwood (5A)        146-06

Emma Yungberg, Valley Heights (2A)         145-07

Brooklyn Jones, Lebo (1A)                      143-04

Mackenzie Kuehl, Paola (4A)                   142-03

**Jenessa Ruder, Norton Community (3A) 142-00

Sophia Gimino, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)    141-00

Ariana Whyte, Wichita SE (6A)               140-05

*Aubrey Duncan, Free State (6A)             138-03

*Lindsey Cure, Goodland (3A)                136-00

Shelby Sogaard, SM Northwest (6A)         134-11

Camryn Hutchinson, Smith Center (2A)     134-00

Ally Trier, Seaman (5A)                         132-10

*Olivia Vanderweide, Basehor-L (5A)        132-02

**Kylan Turnipseed, Ellsworth (3A)          131-06

Laine Douglas, Blue Valley NW (6A)         131-00

*Kyndall Blessing, Great Bend (5A)           130-10

***Emily Bainter, Hoxie (2A)                   129-03

Lauren Mulwa, Gardner-Edgerton (6A)      129-00

Riley Bebb, Labette County (4A)              128-10

Brooklyn Jones, Colby (3A)                    127-10

Alex Bittner, Cheney (3A)                      126-03

**Val Galligan, Olathe NW (6A)              126-02

Jordan Sogaard, SM Northwest (6A)         125-09

**Kylie Brockman, KC Piper (5A)             124-09

Ava Jones, Nickerson (3A)                     124-07

Mackenzie Mayer, Eudora (4A)                124-04

Bonnie Romig, Waverly (1A)                   124-02

Josie Weers, Southern Coffey Co (1A)      124-00

Ashlyn Jennings, DeSoto (5A)                  123-09

Hailee Bent, Clay Center (4A)                 123-08

**Alison Schroeder, Beloit (3A)               123-08

**Lauren Brummet, Lakeside (1A)            123-08

Lily Boughfman, Little River (1A)              122-11

Lillie Veer, Berean Academy (2A)             122-08

Naomi Dooley, Garden Plain (2A)            122-03

Emma Bezdek, Kapaun-Mt Carmel (5A)     122-02

Molly Zoglman, Garden Plain (2A)            122-00




(5158 HS/International implements)

(5200 IAAF Youth implements)

Wheelchair 100m

***Jade Link, Bishop Carroll (5A)               25.17

Sophia Beers, Eisenhower (5A)                  30.82

Wheelchair 400m

***Jade Link, Bishop Carroll (5A)                 1:43.34

Sophia Beers, Eisenhower (5A)                   2:20.96

Marks have been gathered from available official meet results with special thanks to Heartland Timing and Black Squirrel Timing, regional descending order lists and yearly lists as compiled by the state’s news agencies.

Marks include those achieved in USATF sanctioned meets prior to 8/31/22.  Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

This 2022 Top 10 List is available and up-dated periodically on Sports in Kansas/Track in Kansas

at along with the Kansas All-Time Prep List. 

Up-Date as of 5/21/22

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