Labette Bank Southeast Kansas Athlete of the Month: Gennie Vitt

 Gennie Vitt, a recent 2023 graduate of St. Paul High School, is this months Labette Bank Athlete of the Month from Southeast Kansas after an incredible powerlifting career in high school. Gennie finishes her powerlifting career a 3x USA high school national powerlifting champion. A 3x KEMFA state champion and holds a total of 12 KEMFA state records in three different weight classes.

Gennie completes her high school career holding numerous high school meet records across the state as well as Kansas USA women’s raw records in the 67.5 kilo teen 2 division in bench, squat, deadlift, and total lifted. In addition in Teen 3 she holds the state records in squat and deadlift.

This spring at the KEMFA: 1st in bench 180# new state record 1st in cleans 220# new state record and new PR. 1st in squats 365# new state record and new PR. 1st in 156# womens class lifting a total of 755# new state record.

Vitt also played multiple sports at St. Paul HS. Vitt will be on the powerlifting team at Friends University in Wichita for the 2023-2024 school year.

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